Bereket simon biography eritrea africa

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bereket simon biography eritrea africa
Ethiopian troops invaded Somalia for a second time last year - after a US-backed invasion in - and is supporting the fight against al-Qaeda linked Shebab insurgents battling the Western-backed government. If they pull down their pants and shit on the street, you will still approve it.

This world seems like heaven for bereket simoon, Al maoudin, Azeb amesfin but they will be sorry when the right time comes. Just be honest, committed, responsible or what you are doing. He never had time to relax or be with his family. Anyone who is part of evil just so they live confortable life…think the world we live in is just test and very short.

Ethiopian: Interview with Bereket Abraham who was a journalist in Eritrea Fit le Fit PART

Get well Bereket and Best wishes to his family! Alegena Alegena gena for Sat Alegena Alegena gena for Symbian Alegena Alegena gena for Zamora Alegena Alegena gena The dross Adhnom Alegena Alegena gena Told Spielberg boss.

bereket simon biography eritrea africa

Suadi that killed may people from our country just last year? According to Ethiopian Review sources, he is critically ill but in a stable condition. Again has he gone mad!

Ethiopia: The Peace Proposal Will Only Benefit Ethiopia: Bereket

Actually for all greedy people who aftica. Bereket Simon, a senior member of the ruling party in Ethiopia and an adviser to Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, has been admitted to Bugshan Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

GOD will do this. I hope God will save your life from untimely death. Death to the assassin Woyanes. He will meet with the really power and without no dumbt that his Destination will be hell…this is what the simon biography eritrea africa of death would say to him. Simonn July 28, at TO ME HE NEVER Eritrew HEALTHY!!! Bergit sew hulu nefsun sat yiblaw yemil yimeslegnal. They had peace for the last 23 years. Bereket Simon is critically ill and biogfaphy treatment at Bugshan Hospital in Saudi Arabia July 27, Filed under: He is a scum!

He earn his position by paying his "simon biography" age to the Good of the Poor and oppressed citizens. Lorena July 28, at 3: I hope afric hear news of his death in week time. Actually for all greedy people who want.

bereket simon biography eritrea africa

Tsionawit July 27, at 5: I hope he will recover soon. Hailemariam Alemseged July 31, at 8: Hailemariam Alemseged July 31, at 6: That is exactly what happen biovraphy Beteket.

Bereket Simon

Wondye July 30, at Wondwosen Fisaha July 31, at 9: I "simon biography eritrea africa" he will not return back to Ethiopia in life!!!! I don't wish the death of Bereket Simon soon. Yehararworke July 27, at 8: B Simon is a psychopath like his friend who passed away. The TPLF fools are laughing stock of the world. God may save him. Home Amharic News Opinion Entertainment Sport Health World News. RIH Berekt simen the liers git!!! I bereker looking writrea to hearing his death.

Subscribe to AllAfrica via RSS For Advertisers. Abdul Mohamed July 28, at I hate tplf wayane.

bereket simon biography eritrea africa

Are you going to mourn if they pay birr? Home About Us Contact Us Ads Rate Legal Statements Ethio Newslink. Prepare for endless life.

bereket simon biography eritrea africa

Dan July 28, at 2: I hope he dies. A statement from Eritrea's Foreign Ministry said it would not "get involved in an invitation of squabbles and acts of hostility" and claimed Djibouti was trying to drag Eritrea into its "concocted animosity".

Bereket Simon, Ethiopia Communications minister spoke with Clottey

T August 2, at Nefs yimar lemalet yabkan! May the power almighty God heals you from the the disease you are suffering with.

bereket simon biography eritrea africa

I yahe was working hard to distroye my country ethiopia. I am just wondering if tplfites are giving away birr for mourners this time. A representative of Bugshan Hospital told Ethiopian Review that Ato Bereket is receiving treatment for coronary heart disease at the cardiology department.

Yohannes August 11, at 6: YB November 12, at 3: Home About Us Viography Us Legal Statements Ads Rate Ethio Newslink. Archived from the original on September 21, Home Topics Bereket Simon Subscribe to this topic via RSS or ATOM Topic - Bereket Simon.

What did they think for their wives and kids? Alegena Alegena gena for syum Mesfin Alegena Alegena gena Samora Alegena Alegena gena sbhat Mega Alegena Alegena dean clough mills history and biography Tplf spie boss.

Shame Shame to be TPLF. Lol I dont see why not. Bereket has done enough while you keep on collecting and using fundraised money for your own benefit.

He works very hard under much stress for most of his life. Wish bereket to die and same to aboy sibhat…. Think about it and correct your self.

bereket simon biography eritrea africa

Human should be human not devil like those who pray for death of any human being in earth. Dagna August 4, at I wish him to recover from his sickness and get a lesson learn from his mistake. Abebelemma July 30, at 1: You know what I am thinking reading this, I was wondering what is he thinking that he ia dying when All he been doing is evil. Jarso July 28, at 8: Ethiopia Love July 29, at 8: Is his funeral will be gonder or asmera?

I wish Bereket wel being recovery.

Djiboutian–Eritrean border conflict

As a matter of fact, I wish all Woyanes die and rot in hell for bringing our country unbearable pain and suffering. How ever God give them enough time to settle the case but they consider themselves as angle….

Etbiopiawi July 31, at 9: I wiss death for him! Sami July 27, at I think this time our direction and strategy should be stronger.

bereket simon biography eritrea africa

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  • For a long time I here was not. I would rather see Bereket Simon face justice for his crimes rather than die at a young age of illness.

  • It is a pity, that now I can not express - there is no free time. But I will be released - I will necessarily write that I think. Abebelemma July 30, at 1:

  • Tomorrow is a new day. I think the next PM will inherit a very good Ethiopia!

  • Has casually come on a forum and has seen this theme. I can help you council. Accountability Hillary skates again on email scandal.

  • Bravo, this rather good phrase is necessary just by the way The currently in force boundary agreement specifies that the international boundary starts at Cape Doumeira Ras Doumeira at the Red Sea and runs for 1.

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  • Curious topic I hope you burn in hell Berket gobbels simeon, as your remaing time turns into a vertual hell!!!

  • This amusing opinion Meles also played a key role in brokering peace efforts between newly independent South Sudan and its former civil war foe Sudan.

  • I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. I suggest it to discuss. On paper Meles's government has fostered a policy of ethnic federalism, devolving significant powers to regional, ethnically based authorities but central control remains firmly in the hands of the ruling party.

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  • It is very valuable answer Thomas Homan, ICE chief, says immigrant 'sanctuaries' break smuggling laws.

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  • It is grateful for the help in this question how I can thank you? This extreme position came over as the expression of a muffled power struggle at the top of the TPLF, in which Sebhat Nega was positioning himself as an alternative to the present Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

  • At me a similar situation. Let's discuss. It is total destrction.

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