Sailing yacht skylge

sailing yacht skylge

I've added her card: - 07/27/ - is now running on a brand new server, ready for the future updates!. Live shipping movements from AIS and webcam looking over the River Mersey and Liverpool Bay. He was a staff designer at Broward prior to moving to Monaco.

She looks like a yacht seen in Greek waters, Harmony or something like that. I have only this mega yacht costa smeralda Original Name was Sun Dream, then Triumphant Lady, Tomorrow's Wish, Four Lads and now AB Engines are twin hp GMs, maximum sailing yacht skylge 14,0 knots and cruising 12,0 knots. Aluminium hull and superstructure. Designer Masteka 2 yacht owner Monk Jr.

She was built in and was She has been named Sun Dream and Triumphant Lady. I hope this will get someone's attention and we can learn more about this yacht.

Posted by Jim E. Her name is AB She was spotted in Bahamas. Any detail about her new specifications is welcome. Before that sailing yacht skylge is an interesting link about the yacht before her refit: Was built by Tenix Defence in WA Australia.

Touch Wood looks like Dijer. I think same yachts. Currently at Dubai creek: Posted by Mark E.

sailing yacht skylge

Another one from India? Few details are known for the moment, around m, gross tons, Cayman flag, callsign ZCTT7. Any help is welcome, thanks! The name of this "yacht" is Codene. Special thanks to Mark for the pictures. According to him, she looks over 35 metres. This is confirmed by Malcolm, another spotter in Viaduct: It is an expedition styled motor yacht. But can't find any further details". She is a Jack Hargrave design, powered with twin Cat D's. There are two sisters built to this design, Shangri-La, launched in for a San Diego yachtsman, and Buckpasser of later Chanticleeroriginally 99 feet long.

Sorry, no more specification. The yacht looks like a Burger of the Seventies, but we don't have a real idea about her history. Her design could be from Jack Hargrave. Any help is welcome I've been looking everywhere for info on her since she has been here in Victoria for a while. Luckily I happened to own the sailing yacht skylge of Boat International she is in. Like other ABD yachts, she is extremely bulky for a 93 footer, she displaces tons! It has always been in Far Eastern waters since medusa super yacht was launched in Built by the King Yacht Corp.

She is owned by an owner from Thailand and flies the that country's flag. The yacht was originally named Ocean Commander and is equipped with three General Motors Detroit Diesel engines of kW each. Maximum speed is 18 knots and she cruises at I have only seen a couple of small photos of the yacht.

Did you manage to take any? Seen in Phuket, Thailand. Built in by a commercial yard in New Orleans, Louisiana she is ft. There are many commercial vessels of "private yacht" appearance including dinner charter vessels, dive charter vessels and small cruise ships. It can be confusing at times!

These pictures were taken in May at Kona Kai Marina, San Diego. 1993 airstream land yacht name of this yacht is Belle Amie "beautiful friend" in French. She has a very special design with a full beam superstructure on the main and the upper deck.

I thank Robert for his pictures! She is called Necha in the sailing yacht skylge. Like Andrea Cay, we can imagine she's also designed by A. But I'm not sure.

And I can't verify for the sailing yacht skylge, their website is not working Here is an image of Polar Bear, a yacht I have not seen before even in a phototaken in the Inner Harbour. She flies an Australian ensign. Thanks to Martyn, her card is finally completed. It seems she had an extensive refit new design of the superstructure, new mast You can see her sailing yacht skylge on page Google found this picture of Hamzeh: Does anyone have an original picture of this boat.

Someone said it was dufour 425 yacht reviews the Feadship book? About La Mer, she was again in the Baglietto Varrazze yard few weeks ago. She's perfectly maintained, maybe updated by Baglietto in the past Last reported in poor condition as a yacht at Bandar Abbas, Iran in Later refitted and converted to a naval training vessel in and renamed Hamzeh. Fontvieille was her sailing yacht skylge port during many years.

I have no idea about the Akhir. As Ilios has a length of 36 metres, we can imagine that the Akhir has a LOA of approx. Maybe the former Nou Nou IV, but I don't know her current name. One looks like Ilios or Lady Anfimar and the other an old Akhir. Do you have an idea? It then was a restaurant-ship and sank twice sailing yacht skylge because of sailing yacht skylge fraud. Now an association tries to refit the ship. Very fine vessel, though.

The hull lines are very similar. Perhaps you might try to contact the german steamship association - www. He was a staff designer at Broward prior to moving to Monaco.

My clues are a slightly more refined set of details within the classic Broward look. This would also be in the period when Kit Denison had gone out on his own taking at least two of the long term senior designers at Broward to Denison Yachts Langlois and Nadeau.

Anastasia is the former Murphy's Law originally Janet built in by Broward Marine's Fort Lauderdale sailing yacht skylge. Alla, the sailing yacht skylge altered sister yacht was originally Mayacca also built in but in their Saugatuck, Michigan yard. A correction to the original post has been added on the Yachtmati site. I think she is called Anastasia, but the name is very difficult to read. I took this photo on 20 August in the port of Nice. Costa Brava III is indeed a Palmer Johnson but she's former Gypsy Girl III: Note that Victory Lane is supposed to be feet.

sailing yacht skylge

But you can see on the movie sent by Ken that her stern was slightly lengthened: And the new LOA could be approx. I was looking a the picture taken by Capt Tom and I think that she may be the Victory Lane ex Inventorio. Hopefully someone will get a picture of her in Gustavia before she leaves for South America and we are left hanging.

Capt Tom do you have some information or a bigger picture? It seems that the former yacht, the Costa Brava II, was recently renamed Taka Taka III. This sale could prove that the owners have already sailing yacht skylge a successor She's supposed to have a length of 55 metres. Do you know something about her? We can imagine she's the successor of the Azimut Costa Brava II built in I saw it in sailing yacht skylge and Ohana is very similar to Lara Jane.

One thing is certain, it's not Ma Biche no sun deck, extended roof and stern, open aft deck: The real name of this yacht is "Out of the Bleau".

She's an Hatterasspotted by Dug, as you can see on his pictures, taken in March near Anguilla. Thanks to him for his help in this search. Some questions remain, is it a new hull, or just a new name, her legacy mega yacht date, etc She is laying at the Fischereihafen lock in Bremerhaven, Germany. About this series, the first hulls have no sundeck above the wheelhouse, and Ivory Lady has her stern door on the left side, not in the middle.

So Ohana could be the former Lara Jane She looks like a Cheoy Lee, like Ivory Lady. Not in your database. The sea ray 540 cockpit motor yacht was Shasavar or maybe Chasavar. I think the yard that built her was called "Bolnes" if memory is correct. She was ca 52 mts sailing yacht skylge and very modern for the time beeing.

I googled this boat and it seems she is lying in New Jersey in the USA However this does not look like the actual boat, does anyone know if he had more than one vessel? Does anyone have a clue? Or pictures of the actual boats? Just found this picture: Her length is approx. She's painted in the sailing yacht skylge grey than the Baglietto Chato. And she was spotted sailing yacht skylge Chato at the Varrazze yard of Baglietto in March.

Maybe there is a link between these two yachts. La Mer was also spotted during the summer off Capri. I've added her card: The owners are keen followers of the Cup. They were built at ', ' then '.

At a point in time the agreement with Herb Postma Westship lapsed and Westport began marketing the series directly. This version is styled by Jack Sarin also NA of the series. Her name is Integrity, and I don't arrive to find her former names. Any help is welcome! Rmano, a Spanish spotter, already posted this question in March. The yacht was in Valencia during all the America's Cup.

Name was "Out Of The Bleu". Do you have any info? I sailing yacht skylge know if she's sill named like that, I didn't spot her since a long time now. I added her card: She was built by Kamlade in Germany and finished in England in Her sailing yacht skylge was 50 metres.

She suffered of a terrible sailing yacht skylge in Barcelona in Since I have no news. There is no doubt that she's the predecessor of the current Lamu, so I have the feeling that she was scrapped, but I have no clue about that. Any more news are welcome! I remember that she was anchored off Antibes for about a week, but I don't remember her name and I haven't seen her anymore Do you have an idea which yacht this could be? Her MMSI isher call sign V7IE3, she drives under the flag of the Marshall Islands.

Is she a yacht, a conversion? Her length is about 30 sailings yacht skylge and 7 meters wide. Can you help me to know more about her? Not much sign of life onboard. I found few details about this former Norwegian coast guard icebreaker, anymore about her history is welcome: Could she be an Egyptian build yacht Ocean Classic? She is pretty much always bavaria 42 virtess motor yacht in Antibes, next to the capitainerie.

I think it is a Feadship.

Searching on the internet I only found information that this is the yacht of the Late Freddy Heineken. Posted by Tony B. I have a photo and some pre-war sale dubai marina yacht rental which read "Being built up amidships this yacht has very good accommodation for her size.

Cabins are roomy and well fitted, walnut panelled, galley and Pantry on deck. Wheelhouse on top deck. Her sailing yacht skylge is She was built inhas a grt ofcall sign is MEKM5 and her IMO is The yacht is called Ocean 75 and is sailing yacht skylge with its original owner. It's a boat designed as a floating art exhibition venue.

Rich list yacht party article says the "ship" was contructed in Seattle: Built by Nichols Brothers Boatyard of Freeland, Washington: Is it a new yacht?

For me it was a larger Burger of She usually spends summer day-cruising off Porto Cervo, where she has a private berth just in front of the YCCS. The plans show fore and aft masts, not the big white spike in luxury yacht hire london photo. My guess of her length is 95 to feet.

She looks like something Burger could have built, but I have never seen any previous images published in US media, including Burger's Yard News.

sailing yacht skylge

She may have been built in a European yard. It would be interesting to know more of her history. She was spotted in Rapallo, Italy. Her registered number is GE 16 ND, no name on the stern we can imagine that she had a recent paintjob. Limoncello is the sailing yacht skylge Indeed it was in November. I didn't see her at the beginning of the sailing yacht skylge, but I think that she's under refit. She seems to be not in a very goog condition. And these marks on the superstructure We can imagine that the roof windows will be changed or removed.

According to the broker page, the yacht stood without activity during a long time, maybe four years. Maybe the yacht was seized. I'm curious about her history. I don't have a better photo, she was not lying at the best place. She was built in Norway and finished in Italy. It seems that she was sold, but I have no idea of her current and former names. She was in the yards of La Ciotat few months ago, but I didn't care about her because I thought that she didn't reach the 30 metres.

Super yacht al said is the link: I didn't see that yacht since many years. And I notice that she had a sailing yacht skylge to remove her atypical wheel station on the radar arch. You can jogo yacht boat escape her former profile on the picture.

At that time, she was named Thor V. I'm sorry for the poor quality, but it was extracted from a video made in the Nineties at Port Camille Rayon. Vripack is doing a large advertisement for it in the last BI. Bayards is a subcontractor. I would like to know the original yard supposed to finish it, sailing yacht skylge.

"Sailing Yacht A" on its first sailing test in Strande nearby Kiel

Her build name was Osprey and was built for the Baldwin family from South California and was purposely built to accomodate a large tender on her aft deck, which along with the compressors, etc directly below, allowed for a two year around the world diving adventure for the family I know because I was involved in the previous build at Stephens and later visited the boat when at Porto Cervo.

Accommodations for 8 guests in 3 staterooms. I think that her hull was lengthened but I don't have precise sailing yacht skylge about her sailing yacht skylge Looks around feet?

She is offered for charter in Northern Europe: It was in Makkum in February She's the first hull of this 34m series built by Valdettaro during the Eighties.

She was built in It could be interesting to sailing yacht skylge if she's still known under that name Phryne is still Phryne, and Paz is still Paz. Phryne is moored on the former place of Paz at Marina Port Vell. That could be the reason of the mistake And Paz seems to have a new berth at Port Forum. It seems that she was around Malta a couple of days ago. It could be a new sailing yacht skylge And more about Spirit of Viking Jacques heim and Spirit of Clipper Val de Marne: I was just able to read "ura" on the stern.

Any more details about her former names, and her link with Spirit of Viking? I think she used to spend most of her time around Tahiti as a daycharter boat. She seems to be very similar to the schooner Spirit of Viking. But that's not her in this case. There are some little differences in the design, and this yacht is in better condition.

Spirit of Viking is supposed to have a sister ship, maybe named Spirit of Clipper, but I never arrived to sailing yacht skylge if it's true.

But if it's the case, it seems that she sail under a new name now. Any help is welcome. But Piropo is still active today. She's known under the name Savvy, and had an extensive refit in More details on her card: The main difference is in the design of the superstructures which are easy to see between the photos I join.

There is a small superstructure on the main deck before the main superstructures. She was also named Beatriz of Bolivia, and I think that she was renamed Diana again. I don't know if she was named Lady Kring, but I know that she sailed charter luxury yacht in greece Philippines and Lady Kring was supposed to be in Manila This sailing yacht skylge either the yacht that burned down in Manilla was not the Lady Kring, or it was the Lady Kring, and the yacht on the picture in the previous post was never called Lady Kring.

One thing is for sure, the yacht in the picture yacht rentals florida at one time Beatriz of Bolivia.

Who can solve this mystery? She's at IMS since a long time now, at least one year and half. Still at the same place, still in the same condition. I didn't see an activity on board, a pity because she could be a nice sailing yacht skylge project. This yacht was also known under the name Diana.

Her upper deck was modified during a former refit in or Her dimensions are She could accommodate 8 guests and 7 crew members, reaching 14 knots with her two kW CAT sailings yacht skylge.

It seems that she originally belonged to Cunard Chairman Sir Nigel Broakes and was based in Antibes for most of the Eighties. You can find a small picture here: I am almost sure it must be Lady Kring 36m, Camper and Nicholson from I looked up her brochure of the time she was called Beatriz of Bolivia mid-eightiesand at that time the overhang aft on her bridgedeck wasn't quite so large, but it could have been added at a later stage.

Also the maindeck at that time was a bit shorter from what I can tell from the photos in the brochure. Lady Kring was badly damaged in a fire in Manilla insee http: She is currently at IMS, but I am not sure if she is being rebuild, or if they are stripping her. This vessel was originally the trawler Boston Viking built in by Richard Dunston Ltd.

Converted to a yacht in by her Belgian owner, Togo is 28,7 metres and is based at Ostend. Here is a picture: She could be a converted yacht of 33 metres.

No clue for the SY. I think that MY is the Feadship Queen of Diamonds. The SY is a Perini 50m series, seiko coutura spc015 yacht Phryne who was there one month ago The spotter gave me the name Paz. Is it possible that there is a new name on this le grand bleu yacht owner Perini?

According to the picture it seems that she's still unfinished She should be a metres from the late 80's. The way the aft deck is constructed also looks different.

Touch Wood also has a strange bent in her top deck, which the other yacht does not have. If they are in fact the same yacht, it must have had a sailing yacht skylge refit, including a new sailing yacht skylge Thank you Merijn to have find again the link.

The problem is kevco boat yacht shipping we have the same difficulties to find some details about Touch Wood Could that be the same yacht as this one: Can you give us some specifications, or maybe a picture of the yacht?

Thank you for your help. I was on her with the owner on her maiden voyage during the Dubai Boat Show. She was built by Proteksan in I have also few specifications about her, as you can see it on her card: She often sails near St.

Tropez during the summer. We spotted her together in May when we were in Monaco! Who has more info on her? She recently changed of name, and was also berthed at this place in the past. Her former name was something like Nina or Viva. It's not a Bannenberg design. I'm trying to sailing yacht skylge her specs again She looks like a Bannenberg designed yacht. But this Custom Line series has just a LOA of Callsign MMUA8, MMSI Do you know her?

Well she is a fine wooden ship but not a yacht. She is a lighthouse tender, built Trogir katya yacht rental still in service. Her lines remind me something Powered by 8L3B Gardner engines the best ever! She is a 92ft built by Sangermani in Her sailing yacht skylge is from Bruce Farr.

Few years ago she was named Desirade, and it seems that she's sailing yacht skylge known under that name. Thank you Johan for "Tioni" we're sailing yacht skylge searching her exact name The Southern Wind is longer, and the design of the stern is inverted. The only thing I can?

She has a length of ft. Taken in the port of Pula, Give me sailing yacht skylge to find again her name But her LOA is under 30 metres.

Taken off Mega yacht costa smeralda on The picture was taken in Melbourne. It's not a Feadship Could it be an old Feadship?

I dont think so but it really looks like it. Her name overnight yacht rentals los angeles Tioni or something like that She was spotted the last week in Ithaki, Greece.

Thanks to George for the picture. Has sailing yacht skylge plans for the conversion. Also a picture on http: Not sure where conversion took place, may be in Southampton. No doubt when I compare Maria II to the picture that you added to your email. I can't publish it for copyright reasons. She had a lot of modifications during her conversion: I'm curious to know where this refit took place Built in by Port Weller Dry Docks, Canada as Canadian Fisheries Research Vessel.

Passive stability system works at anchor as well. Used to accommodate 13 crew and 6 scientists. New design developed for 12 guests and 7 crew but present owner lost interest. Some lower accommodation areas already stripped. Made voyage from Canada to UK in "as is" strand craft 122 super yacht youtube overhaul of main engine, shaft and props whilst ashore in Canada.

Now lying UK and ready to make any reasonable voyage, only needing update of safety equipment. She could be a recent conversion. According to the info, she's supposed to be moored near Cannes, but I never saw her Pacific Mermaid in Northern Europe?

I am so used to seeing her out of my window that I just took it for granted she was still in the Viaduct? It was a surprise to spot this yacht in Northern Europe. She was usually moored in New Zealand.

You will find all the information about her on this website: Took the picture of her during Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg. The name looked like "Pacific something" She was launched in under the name Opus. She had a white hull at that time, and she was a real open.

Her cockpit was covered by an hard-top after a refit in During this refit her accommodation was also changed. According to the description she's a 95 ft Baglietto. I have never seen her before: I should have looked closer - yacht sailing videos eyesight is not as sharp as it used to be! I don't have this issue sea ray 540 cockpit motor yacht YM too.

If it's the case, this Gallant Lady is now called Ice Bear. It seems that she's usually berthed on the Lake Union near 26 foot airstream land yacht. She was spotted there recently, and you can see her "box" on the glimpse of her card: She has changed name a few times, but I am sure someone else knows her current name.

That box-like structure is motor yacht were dreams owner a lounge, but probably the windows have been covered to block the sun. It seems that this yacht is a conversion.

She was spotted near Malta during the last weeks, and I spotted her near Nice, France. I was asking about Cornelia, because I had drawings of a MY called Cornelia so I thought she was it, but later I read that motor yacht isa 360 one I saw on AISLive was another type of vessel, no yacht.

There is no doubt about the fact that Paladin Shadow was the supply ship of Paladin.

Both yachts where on the Riviera when we spotted them, and later they were also in Cannes together. More the typography of both names are the same. I supposed that Paladin Shadow will have a new name, following her recent sale. This is a promotion pic with both of them: Designer is John Fredrickson. Do you have information about her? She looks like a sea owl yacht georgetown American product More the length seems to be the good one!

Could be also interesting to know the year of the conversion, and the yard which did it. Could it be that one? Strilos, Rongos, Ben Lui - yard:

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