Carl linne yacht charter

carl linne yacht charter

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Minister to France in period preceding the Civil War. As a member of the Virginia lower house, he introduced a bill for the gradual abolition of slavery in Virginia. He was elected to the U.

While in France, he encouraged Louis Napoleon to sympathize carl linne yacht charter the southern cause, and as a result was recalled by Lincoln, arrested and confined in Fort Warren as a disloyal citizen, carl linne yacht charter, but released on a prisoner exchange.

He was disbarred from citizenship sail yacht rental croatia He served another term in the U. A Mason, he delivered a Masonic address luxury yacht cartoon Nov.

His son, Charles J. He received his degrees in old Equality Lodge No. The lodge was then Equality No. His son was a member of the same lodge. July 5, at Lincoln, Nebr. He became treasurer of the Woodmen Central Yacht for rent in charlotte nc Co.

Member of Lancaster Lodge No. Automobile salesman from until he became sales manager of Oakland-Pittsburgh Co. He joined Auburn Automobile Co. He returned to Auburn Co. He is now owner of Roy H.

Francois Felix Faure Sixth President of the Republic of France. He was a cabinet officer in the department of commerce and colonies in the 's, and later carl linne yacht charter of marine under President CasimirPerier whom he succeeded as president inserving until his death in The bulletin of the International Masonic Congress of states that he was a Freemason. He attended the U.

He supported Tomasso Salvini inand Alexander Salvini super yacht charter thailand In he was in repertoire with Nat Goodwin and with Maude Adams from He appeared in many productions of his own company, the Fawcett Stock Co. Later he was in vaudeville and motion pictures.

He was a member of Pacific Lodge No. Fawcett President of Ohio State University. March 29, at Gambier, Ohio. Graduate of Ohio State in Taught and was charter of schools in Gambier, Defiance, Bexley, Akron and Columbus.

He was named president of Ohio RR Robert Fechner State inassuming his duties on Aug. He is a member of Ohio Lodge No. Bernard Fay Author, professor and super yacht charters bahamas. Revolutionary Spirit in France and America ; Franklin, the Apostle of Modern Times ; George Washington, Republican Aristocrat and Revolution and Freemasonry, The latter book, published by Little Brown was definitely unfriendly to Freemasonry though purporting to be "factual" and "objective.

Fay has been charged with publishing documents and lists of the Freemasons for the Vichy Nazi dominated government.

This had resulted, according to the prosecution, in deportation or death for thousands of them. He received a good education and became a physician. He moved to Bennington, Vt. It was on this trip that Fay and Katana yacht interior spent some time in Albany where they were made Masons in Masters' Lodge No. He was clerk of the convention of March,that resolved to defend by force Ethan Allan and the others who were outlawed by the legislature of N.

Fay was surgeon charter Allen at Ticonderoga, and, afterward in Col. He was a member of the convention of Jan. For all practical purposes it was an independent republic from this date until when it was admitted to the Union and Dr.

He was accredited to the Continental Congress year after year, but was not officially recognized as a delegate. He was secretary to the council of safety, helped draft the first constitution for Vermont and served as a member of the governor's council from He was probate judge at Bennington for carl linne yacht charter years and judge of the supreme court in Fay was admitted to Vermont Lodge at Springfield in and in was a charter member of Temple Lodge at Bennington.

Fead Justice, Supreme Court of Michigan, May 2, at Lexington, Mich. He practiced law at Newberry and served as prosecuting attorney and circuit judge. Raised in Lexington Lodge No. Robert Fechner First carl linne yacht charter of the Civilian Conservation 39 Ladislav Feierabend Corps in Roosevelt, by executive order, set aside 72, acres of public land on Massanutten Mountain in Virginia as the "Robert Fechner Memorial Forest" in his honor. March 22, in Chattanooga, Tenn. He then became executive officer of the International Association of Machinists until when he became director of the C.

He was a member of Clinton Lodge No. Ladislav Feierabend Czechoslovakian cabinet officer under President Benes, q. He was one of the organizers of the Grand Lodge "Comenius" in exile in England. Others who helped form the grand lodge were Dr. Vladimir Klecanda, grand master, q. Korbel, grand secretary, q.

Lorenza Feliciana Also known as Madam Cagliostro, carl linne yacht charter of the Masonic charlatan, Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, q.

When Cagliostro set up his "Egyptian Rite," his wife became grand mistress of the Lodge of Yacht and boat world, which, incounted among its adepts some of the most prominent of the French titled women.

It is said that she and her husband assumed the leading roles in the initiation. She delivered an carl linne yacht charter advocating the emancipation of woman which was followed by the appearance of her husband as the "Grand Copt" in the nude. He then commanded the initiates to disrobe, for if they were to receive the truth, they must be "naked as truth. Grant Fellows Justice, Supreme Court of Michigan, April 13, man of steel mega yacht Hudson, Mich.

Admitted to bar in and practiced in Hudson, Mich. He was carl linne yacht charter general of Michigan from Raised in Lebanon Lodge No. John Quincy Adams Fellows Louisiana Freemason who headed all York Rite bodies of that state. April 3, at Topham, Vt. He was raised in Motor yacht checkmate Sun Lodge No.

He was elected grand master of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana in and served during the stormy six years of the Civil War. By his skill and ability, he was able to keep the passions of war charter the doors of the lodges, and the Blue and the Grey met in Louisiana lodges and forgot for the moment that they were sworn enemies.

It is said that he facilitated the carl linne yacht of many Union Masons out of Confederate camps when they revealed to him they were brethren.

Exalted in Orleans Chapter No. Greeted in Louisiana Council No. Knighted in Indivisible Friends Commandery No. He also charter to charter scribe in the General Grand Chapter. Christian Fenger Surgeon and pathologist. For the next ten years he served in a Copenhagen hospital; was a surgeon in the International Ambulance Assn.

He was raised in a Copenhagen lodge and affiliated carl linne yacht charter Ashlar Lodge No. Congressman to 67th to 71st Congresses from first Conn.

He was city editor of the Hartford Post for many years and served in both legislative bodies of Conn. From he headed the eric benson yacht owner and game department of Conn.

Congressman since the 76th Congress from 12th Pa. A physician by profession, he received his M. He served in WWI as a captain in the Medical Corps with the 79th Division, A. A member of Mahanoy City Lodge No. He was exalted in Mizpah Chapter No. He is a member of the Scottish Rite at Bloomsburg, Rajah Shrine Temple at Reading, and Tall Cedars of Lebanon Forest No. Ferdinand see Duke of Brunswick Ferdinand IV Anti-Mason.

King of the Luxury yacht rentals fort myers Sicilies. Also known as Ferdinand I, and Ferdinand III.

He was the son of Don Carlos of Bourbon later Charles HI of Spain. He was King of Naples from and again from as Ferdinand IV.

He expelled the Jesuits inand married Maria Carolina of Austria in Under her carl linne yacht charter, he joined the carl linne yacht charter against France in At Napoleon's victory he fled to Palermo and then to Sicily, where in he ruled as Ferdinand III while Naples was ruled by Joseph Bonaparte, q.

He was restored to Naples inand made king of the two Sicilies as Ferdinand I. He ruthlessly repressed liberal opinion and his tyranny brought on the revolution of His last years were an era of cruel vengeance and persecution. He revoked the edict in at the solicitation of his queen, Caroline, but in the decree was renewed. Ferdinand VI Anti-Mason.

King of Spain, He was the second son of Philip V and Maria Louisa of Savoy. He kept Spain neutral during the first part of the Seven Years' War. He suffered from carl linne yacht charter melancholy which developed into insanity. His government was generally administered by ministers Jose de Carvajal and Ensenada. At the solicitation of Joseph Torrubia, visitor of the Holy Inquisition, he enforced the Bull of Excommunication of Bill gates mega yacht Benedict XIV, q.

Ferdinand VII Anti-Mason. King of Spain, and Son of Charles IV, he was proclaimed king after the forced abdication of his father inbut Napoleon captured him on a ruse and held him prisoner untilwhen he reinstated him. He had no sooner ascended the throne than he reestablished the Inquisition, which had been abolished by his carl linne yacht charter.

He charter the closing of all lodges under 41 Roger H. Ferger the heaviest penalties. In Sept following, 25 persons, among whom were several distinguished noblemen, were arrested as "suspected of Freemasonry. His rule was cruel and tyrannical and was overthrown inbut the Holy Alliance, using French troops, restored him in His further reign lost Spain all its colonies in North and South America and relegated the carl linne yacht charter to a second rate power.

Ferger Publisher of Cincinnati Enquirer Ohio since He graduated from U. Until he was an advertising agency executive, and in that year became advertising manager for the Enquirer.

He returned to the advertising field on the Pacific coast until when he became business manager of the Milwaukee Sentinel Wis. He returned to the Enquirer in as assistant publisher.

Director of several companies and active in city and carl linne yacht charter service boss yacht charter. Member of Hyde Park Lodge No. Senator from Michigan, and U. Ambassador to Philippines since He was admitted to the bar in and practiced untilwhen he became a circuit judge.

Senate infollowing his investigation of rackets in Detroit in City and carl linne yacht charter officials including the mayor, chief of detectives, prosecuting attorney, and sheriff were indicted as a result of his fact-finding.

He also served as a professor at the Detroit College of Law. His appointment as ambassador to the Philippines was charter March 11, He is a member of Golden Rule Lodge No. March 6, at Waynesville, N. He was with the Newport News company from Previously he had been in naval construction for private firms and the U. Navy from one coast to the other.

Ferguson Governor of Texas He spent two carls linne yacht charter on Pacific coast and in the Rocky Mountains as a laborer, teamster, miner and became a foreman on bridge-building crews on various Texas railways.

He next engaged in farming in Bell Co. He was admitted to the Texas bar inand practiced at Belton, and later in Temple. He was a member of Knob Creek Lodge No.

Ferguson President and Director of Bendix Products of Bendix Aviation Corp. June 20,at Elmira Heights, N. Graduate of Syracuse U. He was carl linne yacht charter the Eclipse Machine Co.

Mason and Knight Templar. Fergusson Meteorologist who conducted the carl linne yacht charter experiment of elevating a recording instrument by carls linne yacht charter in He has been 42 David L. Ferris with the Blue Hills Observatory HarvardU. Weather Bureau, and with the Premier 45 sailing yacht Greenland expedition inas meteorologist.

He has devised many instruments and methods for use in his field. Fernald Governor and U. Senator from Maine April 3, at West Poland, Maine. He was a packer of canned goods from and president of the National Canners' Assn. He was state senator two terms and governor of Maine from Raised in Tyrian Lodge No.

Karl Ludwig Fernow German writer on art. A painter himself, he was a member of Goethe's circle. He was in Rome from lecturing on archaeology. When he returned to Germany he became a professor of Italian carl linne yacht charter at Jena. In he was librarian for the Duchess Amalia at Weimar, carl linne yacht charter.

He was a member of the lodge Amalia, which honored his memory by a special assembly kokomo georgetown yacht owner Francisco Guardia Ferrer Spanish free-thinker, revolutionary, educator and martyr.

He was bequeathed a legacy by a Catholic woman for the purpose of founding a school. Upon learning of this, the French ecclesiastical authorities unsuccessfully sought to utilize the legacy for a church school, but Ferrer founded the Escuela Moderna at Barcelona inwhere he refused to teach a religious curriculum and spoke against the existing Spanish regime.

In he was acquitted on charges of complicity in an attempt to assassinate the king and queen of Spain the rent a party yacht san diego year. He went to England inbut returned whenhe learned of an uprising in Barcelona. He was arrested on charges of aiding the uprising, convicted, and executed on Oct.

His charter caused the downfall of the Maura ministry and created violent antagonism abroad against Spain and Catholicism. Although his lodge is not known, he is referred to by the Bulletin of the International Masonic Congress in as a Freemason.

Robert, 5th Earl of Ferrers Real name was Robert Shirley. Grand Master of Grand Lodge of England Moderns He sheltered the famous Chevalier D'Eon de Beaumont, q. Ferris Protestant Episcopal Bishop. A carl linne yacht charter in and priest inhe served churches in New York, Conn. He was chelsea yacht charter coadjutor in and bishop, From he was bishop of diocese of Rochester, N.

Raised May 19, in Hail-man Lodge No. Ferris Governor and U. In the educational field, he served as a teacher in a business college at Freeport, Ill. He was elected governor of Michigan two terms, and was U. He was raised in Big Rapids Lodge No. Ferry Governor of Washington, Member of Harmony Lodge No.

Ferry French lawyer, statesman and Premier of France, Born at Saint Die, 1991 airstream land yacht motorhome the Vosges inhe was admitted to the bar in Active in the establishment of the Republic of France, he turned to politics and opposed the party of Louis Napoleon. He gained fame for himself while serving as minister of public instruction.

Through his efforts, the rule of the Jesuits was broken inand inhe was instrumental in the passage of a law which made primary education free, compulsory and non-clerical. While prime minister, he directed the acquisition of colonies in Africa and Asia. At the siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian Warhe was prefect of the besieged city and conceived the novel idea of getting the mail out by balloons, thus founding the world's first "air mail. Luxury yacht rent dubai from Ohio, Three degrees from Ohio Northern U.

A professor of law fromhe then served two carls linne yacht charter as vice president of his alma mater, and later was a lecturer at the U. From he was president of Antioch Col. He was a member of the 63rd to 67th U. Senate for two terms. A member of Yellow Springs Lodge No. Samuel Fe sse n d en Lawyer and Major General of Massachusetts carl linne yacht charter. Seaquell yacht owner 16, in Fryeburg, Maine.

Graduate of Dartmouth in In he declined the presidency of that institution. He was admitted to the bar inand began practice at Mangusta yacht world Gloucester. He was on the general court of Mass. He served 14 years as a major general of the 12th Mass. He served in the grand lodge line from untilwhen he was elected grand master.

He was exalted in Mt. In he was grand captain general of the Grand Encampment of Mass. March 13, ent of France. Fetzer Ignaz Aurelius Fessler Hungarian ecclesiastic, historian and Masonic reformer. May 18, at Czarendorf, Hungary. He was educated in the Jesuit school of Raab, and took the orders in He was sent to the Capuchin monastery in Vienna. When he exposed the monastic abuses to Emperor Joseph II, he was dismissed from the order inand was converted to Lutheranism in He yacht design software free taught carl linne yacht charter languages at the U.

From tohe was a superintendent of schools in Berlin. It was during this period that he made the attempted revision of the Royal York Lodge in Germany and documented the Rite of Fessler. He was initiated at Lemberg in He studied Freemasonry and thought it incapable of producing the moral reforms he yacht rental dubai. He therefore established a secret order called the Evergreen in while in Breslau.

It bore a resemblance to Freemasonry, but it later failed. In June,while in Berlin, he affiliated with the Lodge Royal York, zur Freundschaft, became one of its officers, and eventually saw it grow into a grand lodge, of which he became deputy grand master. He was charged with revising the ritual, which was based on the French system of advanced degrees. Fessler, himself, did not believe in any degrees beyond that of "Master.

When the brethren would not accept his revisions, he wearied of his opposition and renounced all the offices he had filled, resigning in He later received carl linne yacht charter from the German carls linne yacht charter.

In he became a professor in the U. Petersburg, Russia; ecclesiastical president of the Consistory at Saratow, and in on the invitation of Emperor Alexander, he was made ecclesiastical counselor. In Russia he became master of The Polar Star Lodge which was organized about and met in the private apartments of Baron Rosenkampf.

They were called "Illuminati" or "hateful revolutionaries" by the Russian Rosicrucians. Fessler's early renunciation of the priesthood followed him all his life and forced him from one position to another as he was constantly attacked for his liberal worlds largest yacht interior. Co-owner Detroit Tigers Baseball Club, Am.

March usa 17 yacht design, in Decatur, Ind.

Graduate of Purdue U. After doing experimental work on spark and vacuum tube transmitters, he built and operated the carl linne yacht charter Southwest Michigan radio station KFGZ in He then did research in England, Holland, France, Germany and Switzerland. Returning to the U. He then established station WJEF at Grand Rapids and became vice president of KXEL at Waterloo, Ia.

From he was assistant director of U. Visited Europe in at invitation of General Eisenhower to study problems of use of radio in postwar Europe. Member of Anchor Lodge No. Has been in the insurance business at Chicago, Ill. He has been president of the W. He is also director of the Continental Insurance Co.

He private yacht rental national harbor the first president of the Insurance Federation of America inand again in Anthony Fiala Explorer. Began as a designer of lithography, and later a newspaper artist and cartoonist with Grit publications. He charter photo-engraving, and installed the plant for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle inand was in charge of the same.

While serving in the Spanish-American War, he acted as war correspondent for that paper. He later established and was president of Fiala Outfits, Inc. They charter discovered and mapped accurately the greater part of Franz Joseph Archipelago.

Served in the Mexican border affair and as a major in WWI. Member of Kane Lodge No. Johann Gottleib Fichte German philosopher. Educated at Yacht cavalli interni and Leipzig, Germany. After tutoring in Zurich, Switzerland, he was appointed professor of philosophyat the U. Ina wie teuer ist die teuerste yacht der welt furor arose over an article which appeared in a journal he edited, and he charter. Taking up residence in Berlin, he drew up a plan for the U.

He was the exponent of a system of transcendental idealism, emphasizing self-activity of reason, and setting forth a perfected Kantian system, or science of knowledge, in which he connected practical reason with pure reason.

He was the author of Versucheiner Kritik alter Offenbarung, which was first attributed to Kant. Fichte was made a Mason in Zurich.

There was no lodge in Jena, so he went to Rudolstadt in Cape may 25 yacht, a duchy where the british virgin islands private yacht charter prince was a patron of Masonry.

When he went to Berlin inhe became acquainted with Fessler, q. Among his writings was a book entitled The Philosophy of Masonry. March 12, at Jamestown, N. Graduate of New York and Cornell Universities. He has over U. His inventions include the Oxide Film Lightning Arrester and continuous ice ribbon freezing process He was first with General Electric and then in private practice as a consulting engineer.

As an officer of Army Ordnance Dept. He received his third degree in Wappingers Lodge No. Field Justice, U. He jogo yacht boat escape the last justice appointed by Lincoln.

His decisions were important in the development of constitutional law. He resigned in He was a member of Corinthian Lodge No. Fields Comedian of stage, motion picture and radio. He was in vaudeville for several years and appeared in musical productions on Broadway including the Ziegfield Follies and Earl Carroll's Vanities.

Among his motion racing-segel-yacht were: So's Your Old Man, It's the Old Army Game, The Potters, Six of a Kind, One in a Million, It's a Gift, David Copperfield, Mississippi, The Man on a Flying Trapeze, Poppy, The Big Broadcast ofThe Bank Dick, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break and My Little Chickadee.

In he starred on the Chase and Sanborn Radio Hour. Coppee Mitchell Lodge No. Governor of Kentucky, b. Farmer, lawyer and real estate dealer at Olive Hill, Ky. Member of 62nd to 68th Congresses Resigned to become governor. Original lodge not known, but worlds largest yacht octopus admitted to Little Sandy Lodge No. He was suspended Aug.

James, 4th Earl of Fife Fiftieth Grand Master Mason of Scotland, Files Vice President of Pillsbury Mills, Inc. He has been employed by Pillsbury sinceadvancing to carl linne yacht charter president inand vice president in charge of sales and advertising since Served in WWI both as amel yacht owners group enlisted man and officer.

Member of Khurum Lodge No. Jose Quirce Filguera Costa Rican architect who reconstructed the Super yacht charter thailand of San Jose. On a voyage to Guatemala he organized Freemasonry in that country. He was master of Caridad Lodge No.

Vincente Filisola Mexican general, second in sycara iv motor yacht to Santa Anna during the Texas revolution. He was senior warden of La Independencia Lodge. Millard Fillmore Thirteenth President of the United States. At the beginning of the Anti-Masonic period he was one of the most bitter critics of the fraternity which he characterized as "organized treason.

Filmer stone and see that it is well laid. His uncle, Jesse Millard of Michigan, was a Mason. Filmer President of the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District from March 2, in New York City and motor yacht honor in California public schools.

Began as a farmer and then went into the printing business, becoming president of the Filmer Bros. Initiated in King Solomon's Lodge No. He was grand master of the Grand Lodge of California in and grand treasurer of the same from until his death on Nov. John Filson Explorer and historian. An early explorer of the western country, he had traveled throughout the central part of North America before he was After spending several years in Kentucky collecting information for a history of the country, he purchased one-third interest in the present site of Cincinnati, Ohio, from Mathias Denman.

While exploring the country between his new land and the Great Miami, he disappeared on Oct. He became a member of Lodge No. He also published A Map of Kentucky; A Topographical Description of the Western Territory of North America and other works. Alexander Edward, Viscount of Fincastle Sixty-first Grand Master Mason of Scotland in He was later the 6th Earl of Dunmore. William Finch Controversial character of early English Freemasonry. Claimed by some to be a Masonic charlatan and imposter, he is supported by others as being a genuine student of Freemasonry.

He was initiated in what is now the United Industrious Lodge No. He gave up his trade as a tailor and went to London to write Masonic books, which he published in great number.

The first, published inwas A Masonic Treatise, With an Elucidation on the Religious and Moral Beauties of Freemasonry, etc.

It was approved by the provincial grand master for Kent. Five years later he was censured by the grand lodge. In he was again censured by the grand lodge. He set up his own "Independent" lodge in his home in Westminster where he conducted initiations and imparted Masonic instruction and even offered correspondence courses in Freemasonry.

His rituals were printed in a cypher or The Master Key which he varied from carl linne yacht charter to time. The first was one using Z for A, Y for B, etc. He made considerable profit from his lodge and books, but in an engraver named Smith sued him for carl linne yacht charter due for carl linne yacht charter and Finch instituted a countersuit for money due him for initiating and instructing Smith in Freemasonry.

When the grand lodge officers were called into court as witnesses, they denied that Finch had the right to make Freemasons and he lost the suit, later dying in poverty. Finch Inventor and radio executive. The inventor of automatic high speed radio yacht boat for rent system; yacht and boat supplies relay, and recorder; high fidelity transmission system both black and white and color ; and radio broadcast facsimile system.

Fine June 28, in Birmingham, England, coming to the U. In early years, he was an electrical engineer and radio specialist with several companies. He established the first radio-typewriter press circuit between New York City and Chicago inand the first international circuit between New York City and Havana in He is the chief consulting engineer of the Hearst Newspapers, and chief engineer and secretary of Hurst's American Radio News Corp. In he was carls linne yacht aide to the Wilkins-Ellsworth Transarctic Submarine Expedition.

He jogo yacht boat escape vice president of WCAE, Pittsburgh, and owner of Medusa super yacht. Member of DeMolay Lodge No. Chapter of National Sojourners; Mecca Shrine Temple, New York City.

Findel German Masonic writer, noted mainly for his General History of Freemasonry, published in and translated into English versions in and This was the carl linne yacht charter of Gould's later work. He was initiated in Lodge Eleusis zur Vershwiegenheit at Bayreuth on Oct. He founded the Union of German Freemasons in and was the editor of an interesting Masonic journal at Leipzig inentitled Craft Lodge.

In he published Genius and Form of Freemasonry. Of interest to Americans is the fact that in the Prince Hall Negro Grand Lodge of Mass. They presented him with a jewel, collar, and gauntlets which were on display in the museum of the grand lodge at Bayreuth before WWII.

When the Nazis overran Germany, all items were confiscated except the jewel and it is again on display in the museum. William Findlay Governor of Pennsylvania and U. Senator from Pennsylvania, June 20, in Mercersburg, Pa. He was elected to the carl linne yacht charter legislature in and From he was state treasurer. He was treasurer of the U. Member of a Pennsylvania lodge. Benjamin Fine Journalist and Education Editor for The New York Times.

In he won the Pulitzer Award for the New York Times for "the most disinterested and meritorious public service rendered by an American newspaper during the year. He was taught and lectured in education in a number of institutions of higher learning. Among his books are A Giant of the Press; Educational Publicity; and Admission to American Colleges. Raised in Justice Lodge No. Fine Governor of Pennsylvania, April 10, near Nanticoke, Pa. Graduate of Trinity Coll.

Admitted to bar inhe practiced in Wilkes-Barre until when he became 49 George K. Finlay judge of court of common pleas of Luzerne Co. In he was named to the bench of the superior court of Pa. Finlay Protestant Episcopal Bishop. Ordained deacon in and priest in He was missionary in charge of Trinity Chapel at Clemson Coll. From he was bishop for diocese of upper South Carolina. Finley Director, National Gallery of Art at Washington, D. He practiced law at Philadelphia fromand after service as a lieutenant in WWI, went with the War Finance Corp.

From he practiced law in Washington, D. He was president of American Association of Museums from and has served on national and international museum commissions. Member Philanthropic Lodge No. George Washington Finley Piankesha Indian Chief whose tribal name was Te-Wah-Guah-KeIllon-Ga b.

He was raised in Miami Lodge No. Woolsey Finnell Alabama engineer who sponsored the erection of a monument to the memory of Ephriam Kirby, q. He was an engineering graduate of the U. Served in Engineer Corps as a colonel in WWI and was cited for meritorious service by General Pershing, q. Was judge of probate in Tuscaloosa Co. Finnell was one of the co-founders of the American Legion. Member of Red Cross of Constantine; K.

He was super yacht charter thailand the General Grand Chapter's gold top 10 yacht races service carl linne yacht charter in for his part in the erection of the Kirby monument.

Finney Anti-Mason, clergyman, abolitionist and president of Oberlin College Ohio from He received his degrees in Meridian Sun Lodge No. Although not a member of the latter lodge at the time, he was voted to serve as secretary, pro tern at a meeting on Feb. On May 6,he was discharged by his own request.

It was in this year that he was licensed as a minister by the St. Lawrence Presbytery, and two years later he began conducting religious revivals throughout the Middle and Eastern states.

He wrote and preached anti-Masonry wherever he was, and with Jonathan Blanchard, a Presbyterian minister and president of Wheaton College, published an anti-Masonic newspaper called The Christian Cynosure. He was charter with Yacht boat world forum and Bishop David Edwards in the carl linne yacht charter of the National Christian Association in 50 Geoffrey F.

Fisherwhose purpose was to oppose all secret societies. This grew into the American 1993 airstream land yacht inand this short-lived organization ran candidates in the and elections.

Eventually dissension and petty jealousies in the anti-Masonic ranks caused the movement to die. As one biographer stated: Roman Catholic Cardinal and secretary of state to Pope Clement XII, q. Has been a reporter and sports writer for Chicago Examiner, Chicago Herald-Examiner, Chicago Journal, Chicago American. Has been sports editor for Chicago Herald-American since He was founder and president of the Amateur Softball Assn.

Served in the Navy in WWI. Member of Monroe C. Served as senior warden at one time. Member of National Sojourners and Heroes of ' Bert Fish U. Graduate of John B. Admitted to Florida bar in, practiced in De Land, retiring in He served as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to EgyptSaudi Arabiaand Portugal from In he was carl linne yacht charter of the delegation to the Capitulations Conferences at Montreaux, Switzerland. He also was engaged in the carl linne yacht charter industry in Florida.

Fishburne Justice, Supreme Court of North Carolina since Graduate of The Citadel S. Admitted to bar in and practiced in Walterboro. Served four years in the lower house of his state. Congressman to 72nd Congress from 7th Va. March 8, in Albemarle Co. Law degree from U. Served in lower state house and was circuit judge from Fisher Archbishop of Canterbury.

May 5, at Higham Rectory, Numeaton, England. He was a carl linne yacht charter at Marlborough Coll. He was ordained as a deacon in the Church of England inpriested inand consecrated bishop inas bishop of Chester; bishop of London inand archbishop of Canterbury since He is known for his tolerance and unconventionality. When enthroned in as archbishop, he became one of the youngest primates of England in modern times. He has been privy councilor since Initiated in Old Reptonian Lodge No.

Fisher in Derby, and as carl linne yacht charter of Chester, he joined St. He has twice been grand chaplain of the Grand Lodge of England and and served as provincial grand master for Norfolk. Fisher Brigadier General, U.

May 20, in Montgomery Co. He served in the Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection and WWI. He commanded hospitals at Hot Springs, Ark. Fisher Governor of Pennsylvania, May 25, in South Mahoning Twp.

Graduate of Indiana State Normal School of Pa. Admitted to the bar inhe charter at Indiana, Pa. He was chairman of the board of National Union Fire Insurance Co. In he was appointed state commissioner of banking.

He was charter a Mason "at sight" by the grand master of Pennsylvania at a special communication of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania on March 7,and was elected to membership in Indiana Lodge No. Joshua Fisher Surgeon on a carl linne yacht charter during the Revolutionary War. May 17,in Dedham, Mass. He graduated from Harvard instudied medicine and began his practice until the hostilities with Great Britain began incarl linne yacht charter he volunteered as a carver cockpit motor yacht ontario on a privateer out of Marblehead.

He was captured, but escaped to France, again wayfarer yacht charters san francisco ca the service. After the war, he settled in Beverly, Mass. He was president of the Massachusetts Medical Society and published A Discourse on Narcotics in He was a carl linne yacht charter of Unity Lodge at Ipswich, Mass. Congressman to 78th to 80th Congresses from 21st Texas dist. Admitted to bar inhe served as county attorney, state representative and district attorney.

Member of Concho Lodge No. Member of Acacia Fraternity, Eastern Star and Shrine. Fitch Secretary of the International Committee on Y. An ordained Presbyterian pastor, he entered the Y. He was director of the Nanking Safety Zone during the siege and occupation of He has been executive adviser to Chinese Industrial Cooperatives; deputy director of UNRRA; vice president of Chinese-Foreign Famine Relief; trustee of Institution for Chinese Blind, and honorary adviser to Chinese Mission to Lepers.

Mason and member of O. John Fitch Inventor of steamboats. His early years were marked by ill-treatment from his 52 A. Fitzgerald father and elder brother, and an unfortunate marriage. After serving an apprenticeship as a watchmaker, he became a wanderer in First a gunsmith to the American forces of the Revolution, he later joined the New Jersey troops and wintered at Valley Forge, later resuming his watch-making trade in Bucks Co.

As a deputy surveyor for the state of Virginia he also combined the job of selling merchandise in the back country and on one trip was captured and held prisoner by the Indians throughout one winter until he escaped. He first conceived the idea of steam as a motive-power in April, while in Warminster, Pa. He had been initiated into Bristol Lodge No.

His first thought was to use it for carriages, but then he returned to vessels. He completed his first model of a steamboat that year. His second boat made its trial trip on the Delaware at Philadelphia on Aug. A still larger boat was completed in October,and another in April,the latter running the entire summer as a regular passenger boat between Philadelphia and Burlington with a speed of eight miles per hour.

In he received a patent for his inventions from the government. In he went to France to build a boat, but found the country in revolution and left his plans and specifications with the American consul at L'Orient and went to London. In his absence, his drawings and papers, it is claimed, were lent to Robert Fulton who was then in Paris.

He returned to America in disappointed and penniless. He then constructed one more steamboat and another model, but sometime between June 25 and July 18,he committed suicide by poison and died in luxury yacht nadine cost tavern in Bardstown, Ky.

Sixty-Fifth Grand Master Mason of Scotland, Fitzgerald President of Pacific Methodist College, and Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Nevada, Serving in the Civil War, he saw action in the battles of the Wilderness, Petersburg, and the siege of Richmond.

He later became deputy superintendent of Public Instruction of the state and returned to the college in as president.

He carl linne yacht charter law and was admitted to the bar inmoving in that year to Eureka, Nev. He was elected district judge inand elevated to the supreme court bench in Raised in Rockwell Lodge No. In Nevada he affiliated with Eureka Lodge No.

He received his AASR SJ degrees in Santa Rosa, Calif. Edward Fitzgerald English poet and translator. Educated at Cambridge, he is best known for his translation in rhymed verse of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam He was the author of two plays of Sophocles and charter yacht ibiza dramas of Calderon. Member of Doric Lodge No. Fitzgerald Governor of Michigan, In the service of his state fromhe was variously a proofreader of the lower house, bill clerk, clerk in office of secretary of state, executive secretary of Michigan Federal Food Administration, deputy secretary of state, business manager of state highway department, secretary of state, He was raised in Grand Ledge Lodge No.

John Fitzgerald Aide-de-Camp to General Washington in Revolutionary War. A carl linne yacht charter of the 9th Virginia Regiment, he served as Washington's aide from Nov. Member of Williamsburg Lodge No. Congressman, 67th to 71st Congresses from 3rd Ohio dist. Admitted to bar in He served in WWI as an infantry captain overseas. He is the author of the cumulative codification system for statutory law of U. Member of Mystic Lodge No. Flagg President of Federated Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

Graduate of Brown U. Started in carl linne yacht charter business at Fitchburg, Mass. Officer and director of many companies. Matthews Lodge, Andover, Mass. He graduated at Bowdoin in and taught school in Louisville, Ky. He read law in St. Louis and was admitted to the Mo.

In he practiced law in Vicksburg, Miss. At this time he was seriously wounded in a duel with the editor of the Vicksburg Sentinel.

In he owned the Gazette at Marietta, Ohio, and in the St. He subsequently acted as official reporter of the courts of St. Louis and reported on the debates of the constitutional convention of Mo. In he was secretary of the U. On his return in he took charge of a Democratic paper in St. He was afterward placed in charge of the bureau of statistics in the department of state at Washington, D.

From 54 Sir Alexander Fleming 60 he acted as Washington correspondent for the western press. From he was in charge of the U. Among his writings are The Far West; The Howard Queen; Blanche of Artois; Edmond Dantes a sequel to Monte Cristo ; Venice, the City of the Sea; De Molai, the Last of the Military Grand Masters. Although his lodge is not known, he was a member of Louisville Chapter No. He was a life member of the latter body, but dimitted to affiliate with Washington Commandery No.

Harris Flanagin Former Governor of Arkansas. Member of Arkadelphia Lodge No. In he was carl linne yacht charter of the committee on education of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas and junior grand deacon in A member of Whitfield Chapter No. He served as grand master of the Grand Council, R.

Congressman to 72nd to 80th Congresses from 9th Va. Began law practice at Appalachia, Va. Fleet President of Consolidated Aircraft Corp. March 6, at Montesano, Wash. He began in as a real estate operator, specializing in timber and in May,organized the Consolidated Aircraft Corp. Served as amajor in Army Air Force in WWI. Fleisher Wool manufacturer and philanthropist.

Particularly active in juvenile fields. Member of Keystone Lodge No. Sir Alexander Fleming British discoverer of penicillin. Mary's Hospital Medical School. A professor of bacteriology at the U.

carl linne yacht charter

He discovered penicillin in for which he was awarded the Nobel prize in Discovered lysozyme in He was knighted by King George VI, q. He was awarded the distinguished service citation of the Grand Lodge of New York in A member of several English lodges, he was master of Misericordia Lodge No.

He was master of Santa Maria Lodge No. In he was elected senior grand deacon of the United Grand Lodge of England and promoted to past grand warden in He served as high priest of Aesculapius Chapter and in was past grand sojourner of the Supreme Grand Chapter, R.

He was also a member of the London Scottish Rifles Lodge No. Fleming Newspaperman and Pulitzer prize winner. July 19, at Whitmer, W. Was a reporter with Elkins Inter-Mountain W. Since that charter he has been with the Washington Bureau, New York correspondent, Chicago correspondent, London correspondent and chief of the Washington Bureau since He was awarded the Pultizer prize for reporting on national carls linne yacht charter in the year Fleming Brigadier General, U.

July 5, at Waxahachie, Texas. Graduate of Trinity U. Texas and postgraduate work in economics and labor relations at Tulane. He enlisted as a private in the La. He served in the Mexican border conflict and with the field artillery overseas in WWI. In WWII he was state director of selective service La. Member of Louisiana Lodge No. Fleming President of West Virginia Wesleyan College, and president of Baker University,and now president emeritus. Ordained a Methodist Episcopal minister inhe served pastorates in Paterson and Bayonne, N.

Raised in Maple Lodge No. Later affiliated with Madison Lodge No. Fleming Cofounder of the Ancient, Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine with William J. June 13, in Portland, Maine. A physician, he was raised in Rochester Lodge No. He became a member of Columbian Commandery No.

William Fleming American patriot and jurist. A graduate of William and Mary CO He became judge of the general court and presiding judge of the court of appeals.

He served as a carl linne yacht charter from Virginia to the Continental Congress in His lodge is not charter, but he attended the sessions of the Grand Lodge of Virginia in Oct. Flemming Prime Minister of New Brunswick from Engaged in potato farming and lumbering early in life. He became a county councilor and was later elected to the New Brunswick legislature and became the leader of the opposition, in which capacity he served until the election ofwhen the Conservatives came into carl linne yacht charter and he was called upon to form df2 yacht party cape town new government.

His father, John K. Flemming was charter prince omar yacht charter New Brunswick from He was raised in Carleton Lodge No.

As premier of the province, he encouraged legislation to 56 Charles W. Flint widen the social services and develop the potential hydro resources. Senator from Florida Degrees from Vanderbilt U. He was admitted to the bar in and practiced at Jacksonville, Fla. He served as mayor of Jacksonville two terms, was a member of the lower house in Florida, and chairman of the Democratic state committee from He was raised in Solomon Lodge No. Imperial Potentate of the Shrine in July 23, near Toronto, Canada.

Fletcher One of the founders of Rotary International. Member of LaGrange Lodge No. Fletcher Governor of Missouri, When 22, he was elected circuit clerk of Jefferson Co. He was admitted to the bar in and became land agent for S. In he and his brother-in-law, Louis J. Rankin, laid out the town of DeSoto, Mo.

In the Civil War he volunteered in April,and inrecruited the 31st Missouri Infantry and was commissioned as colonel. He was wounded and captured at Chickasaw Bayou.

In he organized state troops to resist the invasion of General Price, and for his successful defense of Pilot Knob under General Ewing, he was brevetted brigadier general by President Lincoln.

Elected governor in Nov. One of his first actswas to issue an emancipation proclamation on Jan. He created a new and larger public school fund; reorganized and improved the public school system; made the first appropriation from the general revenue for the U. At the conclusion of his term inhe practiced law in St.

Louis and then in Washington, D. He was a member of Joachim Lodge No. He dimitted to St. He was knighted in Ivanhoe Commandery No. Louis on May 25, and served as commander in When he moved to Washington, he dimitted from both chapter and commandery and it is presumed that he affiliated with those bodies in the east. Received degrees from Victoria Coll.

He entered the Methodist ministry inand served pastorates in Iowa, New York and Conn. From he was president of Cornell Coll. Named as bishop inhe first served the Atlanta area until and then the Syracuse area until In he was moved to the Washington, D. He is a member of Mt. Senator from California, July 15, in North Reading, Mass. Studied law, became clerk in U. He served as U. Member of Eastgate Chapter No. Floquet President of the French Chamber of Deputies, A French politician and lawyer, he opposed the charter empire, and was active in government of national defense in He attempted legacy mega yacht reconciliation between the revolutionary leaders and Versailles government during the Commune, but was briefly imprisoned at Paris for his radical sentiments In he entered the chamber of deputies.

From he was president of the council and minister of interior. He was again president of the chamber in Said by the bulletin of the International Masonic Congress to be a Freemason. William Jermyn Florence The stage name for Bernard Conlin, an American actor who is recognized as the founder of the Ancient and Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. July 26, in Albany, N.

He excelled in dialect impersonation. During one of his trips abroad, he conceived the idea of the Shrine while in North Africa, and on his return conveyed the idea to his friend, Dr. He received all carl linne yacht charter degrees by special dispensation in Mt.

He became a carl linne yacht charter of Zerubbabel Chapter No. He was buried in a Protestant cemetery with Catholic rites, the latter being arranged by his wife. Florian French author who wrote fables, romances and plays. Member of the Lodge of Nine Sisters, Paris. Flowers President of Duke University, He was a graduate of the U. Naval Academy in charter boat yacht seattle He was professor of mathematics at Duke U.

Floyd Governor of Virginia, ; Secretary of War, ; Brigadier General in Confederate Army. June 1, in Blacksburg, Va. He yacht sea grille bradenton fl from Coll.

He served one term in the lower house of Virginia before becoming governor in In he was indicted in Washington as having given aid to secession leaders while he was secretary of war by dispersing the army to remote parts, transferring muskets from northern to southern arsenals and other charges.

He demanded an immediate trial and in Jan. In that dubai marina yacht rental year he was made brigadier general in the Confederate Army. He was a member of St. He delivered the oration dubai marina yacht rental the cornerstone laying of the Washington monument.

Folk Robert Fludd An Oxonian philosopher who introduced Rosicrucianism into England. He wrote le grand bleu yacht owner works on the "Rosy Cross," all of which were in Latin. Although he probably was not a member of the craft, his ideas may have had an influence on speculative Freemasonry in England. He was often called "Robertus de Fluctibus.

Congressman, 83rd and 84th Congresses from 4th Georgia dist. Army from and Member of Meridian Sun Lodge No. May 13, in Beregszasz, Hungary. Graduate of Royal Hungarian U.

From he was director of research for the International Institute of Psychical Research at London, and London editor of the Journal of American Society for Psychical Research from Since he has been a practicing psychoanalyst in New York City.

He began newspaper work on the Tribune at Bismarck in and was associate editor of the Evening Post at Pasadena, Calif. He was the author ofmany poems and stories for children, and medusa super yacht the state department of public instruction in N.

He also produced several outdoor plays including In Old Virginia; With Happiness to You and White Gods and Red. Affiliated with Starr King Lodge No. Congressman to 72nd and 78th to 80th Congresses from 5th N. Practiced law in N.

Served in both carls linne yacht charter of state legislature and was mayor of Mt. Airy for two terms. Folk Governor of Missouri, Graduated from Vanderbilt U. He practiced in Brownsville, Tenn. While carl linne yacht charter as circuit attorney of St. Louishe exposed a vast amount of political and official corruption and prosecuted numerous bribery cases, some involving influential St.

He lost two races for U. Senate and at one time was mentioned as a presidential candidate. He made a lecture tour of the U. He was raised in Occidental Lodge No. Louis on June 30, by the grand mega yacht docking of the state, Dr. He entered Cambridge U. At the death of Sir Isaac Newton inhe became a candidate for its presidency, but was defeated by Sir Hans Sloane.

At the resignation of Sloane in Folkes became president and held the office untilwhen he resigned due to ill health. He was elected a carl linne yacht charter of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris inand in the same year received Doctor of Laws degrees from both Oxford and Cambridge. In he was elected president super yacht madsummer the Society of Antiquaries, carl linne yacht charter that position until his death.

It seems that he was induced to take a part in Freemasonry through his association with Sir Christopher Wren, q. Few records remain of his Masonic life. In he was appointed deputy grand master of the Grand Lodge of England, serving under the Duke of Richmond. He is recorded as having given considerable attention to his duties, and presided over the grand lodge in May of that year.

He is supposed to have given an address at that meeting which was preserved as the "Folkes M. He visited Italy and is said to have established a lodge named Fabius Maximus in Rome. In the Freemasons of that country struck a medal in his honor with Masonic symbols on one side and his likeness on the obverse. Folley Former Justice, Supreme Court of Texas. Graduate of Baylor U. He first taught in Frederick, Okla. Admitted to bar inhe practiced in Floydada, serving as district attorney, district judge, and associate justiceof court of civil appeals.

Now in private practice in Amarillo. Received his degrees in Mart Lodge No. He is also a member of the chapter and council at Floydada. District Judge for Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of Pennsylvania since Graduate of Bucknell U. Admitted to bar inhe practiced at Milton and later served as carl linne yacht charter attorney and U.

Member and past master of Milton Lodge No. Folsom Governor of Alabama since He is a member of Marshall Lodge No. In he extended his greetings to the Grand Lodge of Alabama at their annual communication. Fonda Revolutionary War officer. Sometimes referred to as "Jules" or "Jelles. Willett's New York Regiment. Originally initiated in St. This lodge became famous when the Revolution split its membership between the colonies and the crown.

Such famous members as Sir William Johnson, q. Fonda later 60 Benson Ford became a member of St. Fonseca see Da Fonseca. Marquis Louis de Fontanes French writer and statesman. March 6, at Niort, France. He was president of the Corps Legislatif incarl linne yacht charter been a member from In he was a senator under Napoleon I, q. He was also a member of the privy council and was created a marquis and a peer by Louis XVIII.

He was a member of the famous Lodge of the Fincantieri muggiano mega yacht Sisters at Paris, his name appearing on the lists of members between and Foote Rear Admiral, U.

Naval Academy in and served through the grades to that of rear admiral inwhen he was retired. He was recalled to active duty in May, as inspector of Naval material at Houston, Texas. He was again retired in He commanded the U. President Lincoln when it was sunk in an engagement with the German submarine U inand was in command of forces from the U. Baltimore during the Chinese uprising motor yacht were dreams owner From he was commander of the Pennsylvania motor police.

carl linne yacht charter

Former member of Harmony Lodge No. Senator from Ohio, and Governor of Ohio, July 5, near Rainsboro, Ohio. Hurricane run yacht owner graduated from Cornell in after he had served in the Civil War with the 89th Ohio Infantry from to the end of the war.

He was admitted to the bar and began practice at Cincinnati in He served as judge of the superior court of Cincinnati. Runningfor governor four times, he was twice elected and twice defeated. A delegate to eight national Republican conventions, he presented the name of William McKinley for nomination in and He became a member of Walnut Hills Lodge No.

James, 16th Baron of Forbes Nineteenth Grand Master Mason of Scotland in Congressman, 74th to 77th Congresses from 4th Miss. Graduate of Cumberland U. From he acted as special attorney for special committee of House of Representatives to investigate acts of bureaus exceeding their authority. Vice president of Burma-Cola Co. Former member of Ackerman Lodge No. Benson Ford Vice carl linne yacht charter of Ford Motor Co. July 20, at Detroit, grandson of Henry Ford, q. He was educated in the Detroit U.

From he was assistant purchasing agent for Ford Motor Co. He is a director of the company. He is a member and trustee of The Ford Foundation and trustee and president of the Henry Ford Hospital at Detroit. Served in WWII as a captain in 61 Henry Ford the Air Force. Both Benson and his brother William, q.

On April 28, only a few days earlier, Benson had addressed Scottish Rite Masons in the Detroit temple on "A Practical Approach to Brotherhood. Henry Ford Automobile manufacturer and philanthropist. July 30, in Wayne Co. His inventive genius helped change the methods of transportation of the world. Early in life he learned the machinist's trade and was chief engineer for Edison Illuminating Co. In he organized the Ford Motor Co. In he made the unprecedented announcement that the company would institute a profit-sharing plan involving the distribution yacht crew wanted australia 10 to 30 million dollars annually to employees.

In he chartered a ship at his own expense to conduct a party to Europe with the object of organizing a conference of peacemakers to influence the belligerent governments to end the war.

He returned home after reaching Christiania, Norway, but other members of his party proceeded to Stockholm, Copenhagen and through Germany to The Hague. In he was an unsuccessful candidate for the U. He was raised in Palestine Lodge No. The degree team was composed of men in overalls with whom he worked at the Edison company.

He continued a staunch member of this lodge for almost 53 years. On March 7, he luxury yacht rentals in miami made a life member of his lodge and presented with a testimonial plaque commemorating his 75th birthday. Ford made many visitations to lodges near his summer home at Traverse City and his winter residence in Georgia. He also made several visits to Zion Lodge which his brother-in-law, William R.

Bryant, served as master in The carl linne yacht charter grandson, Henry II, became a Roman Catholic. District Judge, Eastern District of Kentucky since March, July 28, in Scott Co. Graduate of Georgetown Coll. Admitted to bar in and practiced in Georgetown. He served as county attorney and district judge of 14th state district. Ford Governor of Montana, two terms. Began law practice in Helena, Mont. Attorney for Montana from He was attorney general of the state from and associate justice of the supreme court from Since that date he has been in private practice.

He was raised in Tyrian Lodge No. Member of Helena Chapter No. Ford Major General, U. Graduate of Ohio State U. Commissioned a lieutenant in Infantryhe advanced through 62 Nathan B. Forrest grades to brigadier general in and later to major general.

Served in Cuba during Spanish-American War, and in China from Was chief of staff of the 27th Division throughout its operations in Belgium and France inand was assistant chief of staff in Washington from He received the 2nd and 3rd degrees in George W.

Five past grand masters were present for the occasion. Ford Vice President of Lincoln and Continental divisions of the Ford Motor Co. March 14, at Detroit, he is the grandson of Henry Ford, q. Graduated from Yale in He began with the company in as a laboratory technician, later in labor relations and quality control.

He has been a director since and is president of the Edison Institute and Edsel B. Ford Institute for Medical Research. He is a trustee of the Thomas A. Edison Foundation and Henry Ford Hospital. He was raised in Corinthian Lodge No. Edwin Forrest American tragedian. March 9, in Philadelphia, Pa.

His first New York success was at Park Theatre as Othello on June 23,although he had played in carl linne yacht charter stock companies in the rural areas previous to this. He appeared in London's Drury Lane Theatre as Spartacus in After years of success, he began a feud with the actor, Macready, over an imagined insult.

As a result a mob attacked the Astor Place Opera House in London on May 10,where Macready was appearing and attempted to wreck the building. When the militia charter on them, 22 personswere killed and 36 wounded.

From that time on he was given to brooding and melancholy, although during the period he appeared in some of his most successful performances. His chief roles were Lear, Coriolanus, Richard III, Virginius and Damon. He bequeathed a fortune to establish a home in Philadelphia for aged actors, but the claims of his divorced wife crippled the legacy. Sir James Forrest of Comiston Sixty-third Grand Master Mason of Scotland in He was carl linne yacht charter of Edinburgh.

Forrest Lieutenant General of the Confederate Army. July 13, in Bedford Co. He first farmed in Hernando, Miss. Entering the war in as a lieutenant colonel of cavalry, he distinguished himself with who owns motor yacht usher cavalry raids and was promoted to brigadier general carl linne yacht charter the attack on Murfreesboro in Following the battle at Chickamauga, he was transferred to northern Miss.

His harassment of the Union forces by cavalry raids and his capture of Fort Pillow in April, lead to his promotion to lieutenant general in Feb. His actions at Rent yacht los angeles Pillow, when he moved his troops to a commanding position under a flag of carl linne yacht charter and then gave no quarter to the Negro troops, is questioned.

His own report stated: The men is still a cillanem in the woods. Forster Editor of the Pittsburgh Press since He did editorial work on the Ladies' Home Journal fromand was with the Pittsburgh Leader from Going with the Press in he was successively reporter, financial editor, sports editor, news editor and managing editor. In Yacht crew agencies asia he served with the U.

Forsyth Rear Admiral, U. He went to sea as a sailor before the mast inwhen only 16 years old. Although he served throughout the Civil War and was in motor yacht tango marine traffic engagements including the capture of Forts Clarke and Hatteras, with Farragut on the Mississippi, and Forts Sumter and Moultrie, he was not charter untilwhen he won in a competitive bayliner 3888 motor yacht reviews. He was promoted through the grades to captain in and retired in at his own request, as a rear admiral.

He was made a Mason in Peru and later affiliated with Union Lodge No. He was a member of Shamokin Chapter No. Fort Masonic author. He edited the Keystone, a Masonic publication at Philadelphia and wrote several Masonic books including: Early History and Antiquities of Freemasonry; A Historical Treatise on Early Builders' Marks; and Medieval Builders. He was initiated in Camden Lodge No. He was a scholar with an encyclopedic mind. He studied at Heidelburg U.

Fort Governor of New Jersey, Graduated in medicine at the U. In he was a member of the state constitutional convention, and subsequently elected to the state senate. After his service as governor, he was judge of the court of errors and appeals. He was made a Mason in Steve jobs yacht venus inside Lodge No.

He is sometimes credited with writing Early History and Antiquities of Freemasonry, but this was the work of his nephew, George F. Fortier Vice President, Director and General Manager of Sherwin-Williams Co. He began with the company in as a sales charter, later became division manager and district manager in both St. He was vice president and director fromand vice president, director and general manager since He is also vice president and director of the following companies owned by Sherwin-Williams: Foss Governor of South Dakota; U.

Marine flying ace in WWII and holder of Congressional Medal of Honor. April 17, in Sioux Falls, S. He received an A. He has been president of the Foss Motor Co.

Fosterand carl linne yacht charter of South Dakota since He served in the carl linne yacht charter house of the state from During WWII he served as a major in the U. Marine Corps, and as a pilot downed 26 Japanese planes, to become a national hero. He has been a brigadier general in the U.

Air National Guard, charter Foss was raised in Minnehaha Lodge No. Interested in crippled children, he is president of the South Dakota Society of Crippled Children, and in was chairman of the Easter Seal campaign for the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults. Senator from Washington, He taught school in Illinois and moved to Wabasha, Minn. He then moved to St. Paul, and eventually to Tacoma, Wash. He became a member of Wapahasa Lodge No.

When he moved to St. Paul, he affiliated with Ancient Landmark Lodge Yacht insurance survey cost. Foster Justice, Supreme Court of Alabama, and now supernumerary justice. He practiced law at Troy, served in the house of representatives, was circuit judge, and then resumed practice in Birmingham until named to the supreme court bench.

Charles Foster U. Secretary of the Treasury, April 12, near Tiffin, Ohio. His father was the founder of Fostoria, Ohio, said city being named for him. He became a partner in his father's general store at 18, and was in full charge the following year. He served his district in the U. He was governor of Ohio from President Harrison named him as chairman of a commission to negotiate a treaty with the Sioux Indians.

He yacht and boat magazine long identified with the business interests of Fostoria and was a member of Fostoria Lodge No. Foster Encyclopedia editor. He first taught school; was superintendent at Columa, Mich. He began his Reference Library in and in became editor of The World Book.

In he went to Volume Library as editor, and from was editor-in-chief of The American Educator. Member of Woodlawn Park Lodge No. He was carl linne yacht charter of the lodge in; dimitted Feb. Senator from Tennessee, Studied law and was admitted to the bar and practiced in Nashville. In he was speaker of the state house of representatives. He was again elected to the senate in In he was the unsuccessful Whig candidate for governor.

He was a member of Cumberland Chapter No. Inasmuch as the old records of the Grand Lodge of Tenn. Foster was grand treasurer, pro tem, schooner yacht designs the Grand Lodge of Tenn.

In the proceedings ofhe is listed as a member and past grand treasurer. In the proceedings ofhe is listed as a carl linne yacht charter master of Cumberland Lodge No. The grand secretary of Tenn. In he was a member of Nashville Lodge No. The assumption of the grand secretary is that he was a member of Cumberland Lodge No. John Gray Foster Major General Union Army, Civil War. May 27, at Whitefield, Rent a yacht nyc birthday. Military Academy in Served in Mexican War and was wounded severely.

As a lieutenant, he was an assistant professor of engineering at West Point in Early participant in Civil War, he was made brigadier general inand, in quick succession, lieutenant general and major general. He was super yacht petara charge of the departments of Virginia and North Carolina at one time, and of Florida at another.

His submarine engineering operations in Boston and Portsmouth harbors were very successful and in he published Submarine Blasting in Boston Harbor.

carl linne yacht charter

Said to be a Freemason by Freemason's Monthly Magazine BostonOct. Foster President of the University of Alabama from Served as captain in Field Artillery in Sail yacht rental croatia. Robert Foster A captain of the Minute Men in the Revolutionary War who said "hoist the draw.

Birth and death dates unknown. One of the organizers of the Masonic Veterans' Association for Civil War veterans. April 13, at Springfield, Mass. Past master of Cumberland Lodge No. Member and past high priest of Cumberland Chapter No. He became grand master of the Grand Yacht rent monaco of Tennessee and grand high priest of the Grand Chapter of Tennessee. Foster Father of Stephen Foster, the songwriter.

He was a member of Hamilton Lodge No. The lodge was organized in and constituted Feb. There is no record of Stephen Foster being a Freemason. Ordained a Methodist minister inserving churches in Vermont, New York and Mass. Trustee of Rust U. Roberto Brito Foucher Outstanding Mexican lawyer, known for his work among underprivileged children. A past grand master of the Grand Lodge, Valle de Mexico, he was featured in an article in Reader's Digest in Luxury yacht rentals fort myers, entitled Doctor Ragpicker Finds the Forgotten Ones.

William Foulkes English scholar who was elected to the 66 Winfred E. Fouse Royal Society in when only He was vice president of the society inand frequently presided in boat yacht builders whangarei absence of Sir Isaac Newton, the president. He was elected president in and served until In he was elected a member of the French Academy, and the same year was appointed as deputy grand master of the Grand Lodge of England, being the third person to hold this office.

His contemporary, the painter William Hogarth, q. He was born Oct. As a youth he attended the U. He was made a Mason before at which date his name appears in the list of members of Bedford World yacht dinner cruise tripadvisor, Covent Garden.

He is known to have been intimately connected with the Duke of Richmond. When the duke was sun adriatic yacht charter millennium d.o.o grand master inhe appointed Foulkes as his deputy in succession to Dr.

On May 11 of that year, Foulkes attended the Maid's Head Lodge at Norwich Inn and thus constituted the earliest lodge in Norfolk, which seven years later raised Francis of Lorraine, later emperor of Germany, who was on a visit to England, and who had been initiated earlier at a special lodge held at The Hague by Dr.

Fernand Foureau French explorer in Africa who made a special study of the Sahara region. The bulletin of the International Masonic Congress states he was a Freemason. Fournet Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Louisiana since July 27, at St. Graduate of Louisiana State U. Martinville, Baton Rouge, and Jennings.

He served in the lower house of the legislature and was speaker of the yacht week thailand reviews from In he was lieutenant governor of Louisiana.

Named associate justice of the supreme court of Louisiana inhe has been chief justice since Sept. Received his degrees in Albert Rousseau Lodge No. Fouse Co-organizer of General Tire and Rubber Co. Goodrich and Diamond Rubber Co. O'Neil and the General Tire Co. Received his degrees in Yacht charter mediterranean sea City Lodge No. Exalted in Orient Chapter No.

Greeted in Akron Council No. Knighted in Oriental Commandery No. Joined Ararat Shrine Temple, Kansas City, March 21, and was a charter member of Tadmore Temple of Akron, being potentate of same in Fowle Governor of North Carolina, March 3, at Washington, N. There is no record of his membership prior towhen he was first listed as a member of Hiram Lodge No. He was a member of Raleigh Chapter No. April 7, and his funeral was conducted by Hiram Lodge No. Henry Fowle Masonic ritualist and lecturer who was one of the organizers of the Grand Encampment, K.

He was a pump and block maker. Initiated in Lodge of St. Andrew at Boston on April 10, ; he was first master of Mount Lebanon Lodge, Boston from and He returned to his mother lodge in and served it as master from In he was senior grand warden of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

He was the leading spirit in making several important changes in the ritual luxury yacht rentals fort myers were approved by his grand lodge and almost universally adopted by other states.

He became a member of Saint Andrew's Royal Arch Chapter on Feb. He became deputy grand high priest of Mass. He received the Knight Templar degree in St.

Andrew's Chapter on Jan. Fowler Methodist Episcopal Bishop. He was educated yacht charter greece special offers Genesee Coll.

He was a pastor for 11 years in Chicago, and president of Northwestern U. In he was appointed by the governor of Ill.

He was elected bishop in ; visited South America in ; visited Japan, Korea and China in He organized Peking U. He received his first degree in Vitruvius Lodge No. Jurisdiction was waived and he was raised in Minneapolis Lodge No.

He was a member of Zion Commandery No. When the Fowler Cathedral Church, bearing his name, was erected in Minneapolis, the commandery placed in the front of the church a rose window, 18 feet in diameter, with Knights Templar emblems in its design, as a tribute to him.

In Bishop Fowler was grand chaplain of the Grand Lodge of New York and grand chaplain emeritus until his death on March 19, in New York City. Served with the 84th N. Infantry, first as a lieutenant colonel, promoted to colonel on Dec. Mustered out June 6, Member of Lexington Lodge No. Congressman, 62nd and 63rd Congresses from 24th Ill. Practiced law in Elizabethtown, Ill. Served in both legislative branches of the state and was state's attorney in Hardin Co.

Received degrees in Eddyville Lodge No. Fox Methodist minister who was one of the "four immortal chaplains" who gave up their lifebelts to others when the U. Dorchester was torpedoed in the North Atlantic on Feb. March 15,he served in WWI as a first aid mega yacht costa smeralda in Ambulance Co.

He became a Methodist minister df2 yacht party cape town was serving the Community Church of Gilman, Vt. He was a member of Moose River Lodge No. He and the three other chaplains, who gave up their life belts to enlisted men and went down with the ship, were posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Fox Protestant Episcopal Bishop.

March 11, in Montclair, N. A deacon and priest inhe first served a New York missionary district and then churches at Lockport, N. He was elect-ed co-adjutor bishop in May, and retired in Member of Ashlar Lodge No. He was grand martha ann yacht interior of the Grand Commandery of Montana from

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