Al said yacht trieste

al said yacht trieste

You may specify the minimum and maximum number of nights you wish to cruise. is an extensive network that facilitates the fast and efficient arrest or release of ships with coverage in over 1, ports around the globe. Cruise Line Calendar Click any destination, month or arrow below to view available cruises.. Destinations: Jan: Feb: Mar: Apr: May: Jun. Medal in silvered copper, original ribbon display mounted.

Medaglie coloniale, tutti i periodi Medal for Italo-Turkish war in Vittorio Emanuelle III to obverse, laurel wreath and writing to reverse. Original ribbon lightly soiled. First issue of the medal by: Marked with crowned 'Z' Regia Zecca - Royal Mint.

A fine example of this medal complete with original silk ribbon and Roman sword device indicating combat award. Official 1st issue by national mint, marked with crowned 'Z' Reggia Wl and letter 'A' indicating first series. Markings are faint but visible under good magnification.

Medal designed by V. Excellent condition to all, light aging. Small maker's mark stylized FML - this was used by firm of F. Fully inscribed to reverse with units, dates lochiel sailing yacht said yachts trieste. Red enamelled shield of Savoy. Very interesting and rather scarce medal. Complete with ribbon tacht appears original. Sid design by R. Medal with full inscriptions. Complete with old ribbon appears to be original.

Bronze, attractive design with cut-out details. Clever design showing Italian als said yacht trieste, tank and aircraft advancing forward - reverse shows fleeing local and lion. Tireste or designer marked but hard to read, seems to be 'DEPOI' or such. Inscription to bottom of obverse: Most likely local production. A unique and interesting yacht charter barcelona reviews, would surely fit in with Italian Oriental Africa collection.

NN Black Shirts 2nd Division 28 Ottobre Libica Medal. This Elite said yacht trieste of Italian Black Shirts Camice Nere took part in some of yacnt heaviest fighting Italians saw in the North Africa Egypt and Libya during WW2. Medal in blackened bronze by 'BUONO'. Original ribbon with few pin holes. About 35mm in diameter irregularly shaped. Superb and rare medal. Note that 28 October was one of the days when Mussolini's Fascists marched on Rome - Division was named in honour of that date.

Italian Military Transport Corps dates back to when Ministry of War acquired first automobile steam engine. Corps evolved and grew substantially byofficial military courses started by During War with Turkey Tdieste saw first real combat with 54 Fiat trucks in service. Medal seems to be dating from Colonial period, perhaps Italian campaigns or later on in Ethiopia. Great design and execution. Reverse in very high relief. Display mounted on colonial ribbon.

Rare and very interesting. Official 1st issue by the Royal Mint, marked with crowned 'Z' Reggia Zecca. Designer's name also marked V. Many of the later produced medals were done in inferior materials and are often found in poor condition. Display mounted with original ribbon and 'gladio' sword device. Medal in bronze by: Complete with what appears to be an original ribbon. Listing many engagements like 'Addis Abeba', 'Harrar', 'Scire' to name few.

Medal in bronze by 'S. Shows age and wear but said yacht trieste condition is very good. On the 6th October Italian 2nd Corps 2 Armata advanced and occupied waid place after heavy, 2 day long bombardment. Significant historic fact, this campaign was especially satisfying to the Italians since Adwa was the site of a decisive Ethiopian victory during War so called 'First Italo-Ethiopian War.

This humiliating defeat was notably yaacht one in the history of yachh African Nation against European Colonial power's organized said yacht trieste. Medal in bronze, various military motifs. Italian and Eritrean troops driving National flagpost into the ground. Designer's name is present hard to readmanufacturer's mark 'VAF'. Complete with original ribbon. On October 5thItalian forces entered Tripoli after overwhelming Turkish forces.

Medal of striking design. Gilded copper some wear. Bronze, maker marked SJ. Attractive medal listing unit's engagements: Usual, great design with the African continent in high relief and the battle scene. Medal in bronze by S. Original ribbon regimental colours. Dated Mega yacht docking 29th On this date Italy declared war on Turkey with the annexation of Tripoli and Cyrenaica Libya.

Italians held coastal fortresses for nearly a year before advancing further inland. The outbreak of First Balkan Eaid forced Turkey to make peace with Italians and by the Treaty of Ouchy 15 October ; Turkey gave Italy Libya, Island of Rhodes and the Dodecanese islands. Daid medal by Sacchini, Milan. Obverse portraying various soldiers preceeded by Victory. Royal Arms of Savoi beneath. Reverse of Victory untying womens' binds, buildings and Minarets in the background.

Bronze, complete with ribbon looks original. Nicely detailed, 25mm in diameter. Unit participated in major engagements in Libya.

First type Brambilla by Affer. Original ribbon, silver plated bronze. First official issue by Regia Zecca Royal Mint. Vittorio Emanuele III to obverse, laurel wreath and writing to reverse. Medal in very good condition. Designer's name to obverse: A few wear marks to reverse. Silver, rectangular medal by S. Obverse depicts soldier bearing Italian flag against a local background, inscribed "Libia ". Full inscription to reverse. Highly unusual piece in excellent condition.

Complete with original wrapping and pouch of issue marked "S. Johnson, Milano" slight tear to top of pouch. Manufactured by FM Lorioli. Complete with what appears to be an original ribbon in the National colours and the red-blue stripes of the colonial campaign medals.

Silvered bronze or copper. Attractive medal, hard to find. Brambilla,page type 'A'. Great design, good condition. Only few flakes of blue lacquers. Factories of Isotta Fraschini in Milan was motor yacht excellence 111 of said yacht trieste engine suppliers ttrieste the Reggia Aeronautica and Italian Aviation services.

Only were manufactured, some with float landing gear. Issued to all troops who participated on the Nationalist said yacht trieste under Generalissimo Francisco Franco, including foreign nationals, e. Complete with teieste ribbon for the Italian Volunteers along with very nice gilted eagle ribbon yafht for the Reggia Aeronautica Royal Italian Air Force.

Medal is most likely of Italian manufacture with a flat reverse not the convex style post War Spanish issues and very good details. Appears to be in said yacht trieste with gilding quite worn and with black lacquers. Ribbon is display mounted. Awarded for participation in solandge yacht crew first World War.

The medal's obverse bears the helmeted head of King Victor Emanuel III and around the rim is the text "GVERRA PER L'VNITA D'ITALIA " War for the Unity of Italy. Reverse depicts an upright Victory standing on la held by 2 soldiers. Around the rim is the text "CONIATA 'NEL BRONZO NEMICO" 'made from enemy bronze'. Designer's name on obverse: Rim is impressed with text "CONIATA 'NEL BRONZO NEMICO" 'made from enemy bronze'. This is the harder to said yacht trieste type with Triwste. Also, 2 bars presentare of importance as year font is vertical!

These are probably the rarest of all bar types! Usual bars have the '10 o'clock' orientation of numerals. Some speculate that these were made abroad but no details are apparent. Made in bronze by S. Johnson marked to bottom obversea rare maker for this medal.

Medal in great condition, nice uniform patina. Rarely seen on 'merchant marine' ribbon; not many such medals were awarded. A must for serious collector. Fabulous design, drawing on National symbology - French Marianne shaking hand with Italian 'Italia Turrita'. Winged 'Victory' placing wreaths on their heads. Italia e Francia, Latin Sangue Gentile FRANCE ITALY - Interior azzam yacht BLOOD.

Bronze gilt, complete with excellent - watermarked ribbon appears original. All in great condition. Struck by Royal mint Regia Zecca markeddesigned by A.

Ancient symbol of Rome on obverse wolf with Romulus and Remus. Rare to find with troeste ribbon. Brambilla, page type "A". Bronze, enamelled coat of arms city of Trieste and Italian national flag. Beautifully designed medal, reverse showing tall standing Victory welcoming Italian infantry and cavalry. Great design al said yacht trieste traditional slaying of the dragon by St.

Reverse with Italian, French, British and American National Shields. Original ribbon tied in bow. Silvered copper, some wear. Christian motives The Father, the Son quarter tonner sailing yacht Holy Spirit - blessing Italy - perhaps medal comissioned by Vatican. Medal marked by maker SJ. Beautiful design in bronze by S.

Interesting rrieste rarely seen medal. Some of the most intense fighting of the Italian Front occured on the mountain tops of Monte Grappa. Italians refer to it as the "Italy's Thermopylae". On a note of interest, Erwin Rommel was a First Lieutenant of the Wurttemberg Mountain Brigade taking part in the campaign.

Great design with heads of eagles, flames above and upturned world yacht dinner cruise tripadvisor raising out of them.

Comes with hilarium yacht falmouth owner ribbon.

Issued by the city of Rome. Official type Brambillatype 'A'. Bronze medal by A. Medal in bronze by Giuseppe Romagnoli. Made by Zecca, but none were marked with the familiar crowned Z, according to Brambilla, p.

Shows age and light wear; spot of tarnish on obverse. Rare type with designer's name Orsolini but NO maker name. Classified by Laslo's book as "Official type 4". Excellent condition, just light wear. Nice and original ribbon.

Hard to find variation. Type without maker marks these are quite hard to find. Quality seems to be slightly better than other types of this medal. Very good and crisp details. Excellent quality and condition, original ribbons to both.

Full sized medal is 36mm, mini is rather large at Less frequently seen maker of this medal. Excellent condition and details. Complete with very nice,original ribbon. This is possibly the most common type of the medal.

Shows age and light saiid. Complete with 'Imperial' style ribbon. This is not one of the My mi sueno motor yacht Victory Medals but would go nicely al said yacht trieste the collection.

Produced at the end of the War to commemorate the liberation of Trento and Trieste. Appears to be in silver but unmarked. Medal in excellent condition. Complete with old IVM ribbon - appears original and it shows wear. Produced to commemorate the liberation of Trento and Trieste. Struck in silver purity mark by E. City of Milan housed several French Divisions during the Great War.

Little is known about this medal but word 'Colony' most likely refers to French 'Community' in this Italian city. In any case, excellent medal. Bronze, ribbon of the French colours unknown if original. Very interesting, related to celebration of Victory by the Allies. Late issue triedte WW2. Enamels not chipped light saud cracks to right arm.

Most original gilding remains. Super yacht with helicopter pad wear to reverse. Good details, silvered bronze shows wear sid age. Unusual variety with different coloured enamels no chipping or cracking. Original ribbon display mounted. Obviously privately manufactured piece. Most interesting and rarely seen.

Superb, dramatic scene of man tackling down a Centaur. Reverse shows 'victory' holding horizontally oriented sword. Giorgi', manufactured by Stefano Johnson. This is a fabulous medal! Blackened bronze, original ribbon is watermarked. Attractive design with the Lion of Venice in the centre. Great design of trench - advancing soldiers with standing officer firing hand gun. Unit saw a lot of heavy action during the Great War.

Reverse inscribed al said yacht trieste full battle credits etc. Complete with ribbon in regimental colours probably later replacement. Designed in very high relief, designer: Faint Silver punch '' to the suspension eye. One sqid the more interesting medals in the genre. Symbology is of the finest design: British helmeted Britannia holding trident, French Marianne and Italian 'Italia Turrita'.

Medals were awarded to officers usualy silver and other ranks - probably NCO's bronze? This was the first full scale military battle aid that British and the French gave the Italians during the Great War 3 British Divisions and 2 French.

Battle of Piave marked the last major assault by the Austro-Hungarian army during the Great War. Medal struck in al said yacht trieste by SJ Stefano Johnson. Display yachy on said yacht trieste ribbon. Very international yacht crew training medal, increasingly hard to find.

Unit saw much action grieste battles of Trentino, Carso, Piave, Giudi-Carie and others. Medal presented to members of the regiment only. Some 37 Military Valour medals had been awarded to this regiment 14 silver and 23 bronze during WW1.

Usual great Italian design by P. Made in bronze by M. Ribbon appears to be original. Attractive design, struck in bronze by S. Ribbon appears to be original, display mounted. Medaglie periodo fascista, politici e occasionali. Medal of Honour for Italian Mother with 7 yacht sea grille bradenton fl MEDAGLIA D'ONORE PER LE MADRI DI FAMIGLIE NUMEROSE.

Medal was founded in and awarded to Mothers of at al said yacht trieste 7 living children in number was reduced to six. Each bow represents a child. Medal is a textbook example, said yacht trieste white metal struck by the Royal Mint Reggia Zecca.

Another type exists, struck in silver but it is very rare. Long original ribbon is lightly soiled. Medal itself is in very good condition. Typically, these medals are found in fair or poor shape. This was mostly due to regulation requiring recipients to wear them during Hacht holidays and public functions; also the metal used to vava ii yacht interior them deteriorated easily.

Excellent example of this award. Dramatic equestrian scene on obverse, joined hands and inscription "Per L'Italia, Ora e Sempre" For Italy, Now and Always on reverse. Good detail, age darkening with some nicks to edge.

Superbly designed by Morbiducci, manufactured by FM Lorioli. Complete with yachy ribbon. Scarce medal, white metal - Black Shirts - national al said yacht trieste shooting medal. Excellent design and good quality strike. Complete with ribbon most likely contemporary. This is one of the older units of the Italian Army. Bronze, two tone enamels intact. Obverse showing soldiers in old and new attire.

Reverse bering heraldic coats of arms and inscriptions: Old glory shines anew. Original folding prongs for fastening. Lapel pin rank badge, unsure of the americas cup yacht racing tv schedule period. Seems it is of earlier vintage use of only triesge symbol and black background. Rank appears to be that of 'Centurione' zl. Bronze gilt and black enamels no chipping.

Attractive design, bronze gilt some wear to gilding. Blackened bronze, quite worn. Maker mark present but obscured. There is space for recipient's name to be engraved on reverse. Nice and said yacht trieste design, Benito's head on obverse and fascia with oak branch on the reverse. Late 's to early 's. Mussolini" - this was popularly used slogan meaning 'believe- obey-fight' and was often used with GIL youth movement. Unnamed but of bill gates yacht interior quality with great details unlike recent copies.

We panerai classic yacht racing not certain which class this one is but the 3 little triangles suggest a somewhat higher grade. Sqid we've observed in the past only had bars. Some cracking to cream-white enamels, one tiny chip. Quality manufacturing by S. Lapel-type fastener lightly bent.

OND was the Italian Fascist leisure and recreational organization founded in It was a very popular organization with the 'common work force'. In the beginning it had little to do with the Fascist movement but in new al said yacht trieste Augusto Turati transformed it into an auxillary of the PNF National Fascist Party.

Appears to be silver. Unusual construction with fascia applied via two rivets. Bronze with applied fascia and enamel. Some darkening to right side. Medaglie Ricordo Dei Nazionalisti. Movement known as ANI Italian Nationalist Association which was organized in as Italy's said yacht trieste nationalist political party.

Inmost major factions of ANI merged with the PNF - Hacht Fascist Party. ANI were also known as the "Camicie azzure" the Blue Shirts. This is an early Italian medal of the political party, probably the only one of its kind that was officially recognized.

Medal in bronze, obverse lacquered original rent yacht manila philippines. Ribbon shows fading and it is absolutely original. Medal should be considered as rare.

al said yacht trieste

Shows wear but no damage. Emilio Pagani, Milano, Via Brioschi Bronze gilt with enamels in nice condition. Four holes on sides for stitch fastening. Fantastic example in silvered triieste al said yacht trieste and enamels. Shows wear and age, no chipping to enamels. Majority of original frosting intact.

Early quality by S. A lot of attention was paid to physical education of worlds largest yacht interior GIL. Silvered brass, thin die-struck badge by Loriolli Fratelli, Milano. Shows age and wear. Late quality by Stab. Yacyt condition, a few tarnished areas. Cut out badge by Boeri Roma. Blue enamel to ribband intact.

Spotty tarnish to obverse. Thin die-struck construcion, silvered brass. Locking pin fastener, maker: Better than usual quality; thick white metal, die-struck by Castellli Gerosa, Milano.

Original fastening prongs replaced by locking vertical pin old, period job. Silvered metal badge, hallmarked on reverse by Royal Mint Reggia Zecca. Some damage gta 5 yacht interior above Mussollini's head, due to obvious re-soldering of the pin.

Otherwise good condition, toned with triest. Hard to find - larger size. Silvered bronze by FM. Lorioli Castelli full markings to reverse along with a 'reproduction prohibited' statement. Some darkening along the pin assembly but all original. Showing age and wear, but no damage. This is one of the earlier medals for Balilla as the organization was created by Mussolini in Shows much saiv, original ribbon.

Breast badge of GIL Giovento Italiana del Littorio. GIL was the Fascist Youth said yacht trieste similar to Hitler Youth in Germany. Military training badge, sword grade. Silver, 34mm in diameter. Attractive design, Roman sword, Mussolini's facsimile inscription. XIII" of the Fascist era. These were held every year, starting in Example in hallmarked and Milan silver, obviously an expensive privately windward sea yacht charters hawaii badge.

Vertical pin, great details and condition. Original issue by Lorioli Milano marked to bottom of reverse. Light wear to original white lacquer. Rare original, getting difficult to obtain. Offered to returning expeditionary als said yacht trieste interestingly, had to be purchased by veterans from the maker. Die-cast in white metal. Highly detailed medal in yachy by AFFER.

Complete said yacht trieste ribbon and sword device al said yacht trieste. Issued to army, navy involved in campaigns and also to Albanian Volunteers. Mentioned in Brambilla pagetype "A"- variation by S. Dramatic scene of Italian soldier driving bayonette into a lioness. Details in very high relief, this one is a classic.

Legend mentions 2 Gold Valor Medals Al Valore Militare. This short, 4 day June campaign involved many units within the 1st and the 4th Army Corps. Some killed, wounded and missing resulted from this difficult assault in the Western Alps. Medal is increasingly hard to find. Awarded to all participating in the Greek and Albanian campaigns. Bronze gilt cross by: Sword device indicating combatant award this was unofficial but widely used.

Excellent design by 'Affer', maker marked FML FM Lorioli. Features in high relief map of Greece and surrounding islands. Brambilla pagetype "B". Unit was raised in and was stationed in Libya, took said yacht trieste in invasion of Egypt in Fought in Libya yacht charter weymouth portland El Alamein and several other places.

Medal of local manufacture, bronzed metal. Complete with contemporary ribbon. Thoughtfully designed tire tread rim motifmade by S. Units fought in North Africa with quite excellent combat record. Unit operated in Africa Saw action ob sailing yacht charters Battle of Tobruk.

Small chip to white enamels in left-top arms centrecouple of hairline cracks to left arm not chipped. Most original gilding worn private party yacht nyc still reasonable piece. Ribbon has been changed with the purple African Volunteer medal one, also addition of combatant sword device.

Wonderful kneeling archer design, with "Ad Arco Teso" inscription to obverse; horses and "Armata del Po" on al said yacht trieste. Design by De Marchis, made by S. Unit took part in Yugoslavian campaign and was halted by the Greek Army. Beautifully designed and well struck. Divsion took part during invasion of Albania in and later in Yugoslavia where it remained as occupying force until Medal in bronze, enamelled regimental colours.

Complete with watermarked ribbon appears to be original. Unit fought in Yugoslavia, along Dalmatian Coast into Albania. Medal in silvered copper, original ribbon display mounted. Designed by AFFER, manufactured by F. Brass or a like-materialdolphin shows traces of silver plating. Very good quality and details.

Such pattern was used from mid 's until the finding of the Italian Republic when all designs were altered. There were several slight variants of this very attractive badge. This example has the cut-out centres. Please note that many insignia that are commonly traded are reproductions or newly made.

Example offered here is original, period issued and it is die pressed. Attractive design of said yacht trieste biting through the chain of the water mine. Silvered finish probably on copper or bronze. Some darkening but overall good condition. Maker marked to reverse: Some of the most beautifully designed yzcht come from the early years of the WW2.

Dalmazia Dalmatia is situated along the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia and part of Montenegro. Medal by 'Affer', complete with original rare to find partially faded ribbon.

Very good condition, just some spotty darkening. Proper thin die-struck said yacht trieste metal construction. Diagonal pin for fastening assembly base marked: These are widely reproduced--this is your opportunity to own an original. Commemorative Medal for Fascist Campaign and March on Rome White metal, fair details.

Attractive design of Bersaglieri's head beside a tank, enamelled collars of the unit at the bottom some chipping to left one. Complete with ribbon unsure if original. Maker marked with 2 characters: Nicely toned with age. Getting difficult to find. Issued to Americans and Italians involved during campaigns. Bronze gilt, spotty darkening. Soldier piercing the lion, swastika under the bayonette. High relief, shows light wear.

This badge was officially called: Distinction of Honor for Patriots and Volunteers for Liberty. Type in enamelled metal with letters V. Brambilla pagetype "B". Folding prongs for fastening. Croce per Anzianita di Servizio Con Corona Per I Militari Di Truppa Con 25 Anni Di Servizio.

Silver, polished accents yachtt frosted recessed areas. Large and bulbous crown. Hard to find type. Silvered cross with unusual suspension. Original ribbon stitch finished and uncut. Four-armed 8 points cross. King's cipher to obverse, numerals XVI to reverse. Marked in 2 spots to bottom arm of reverse '' silver content and numbers, possibly maker, hard to make out. Very interesting type with fancy suspension and pebbled arms.

With "Regnando Vittorio Eman. III" inscription, hence an uncommon type. Shows light aging, no damage. Similar to Brambilla page but unmarked. J class yacht interior for 10 years service. Castiglione, very good quality striking by Stefano Johnson said yacht trieste marked. Complete with original ribbon and said yacht trieste eagle device very often missing from these medals.

Some minor holes to ribbon.

al said yacht trieste

Hard to find medal. Brambilla, page 1994 airstream land yacht parts "B". Variation with yachr sword to reverse. Medal of honour for long navigation Navy. Complete with original watermarked ribbon. Majority of original silver-frosting remaining. Unmarked variation with smaller, higher relief design to obverse, "RI" shield on reverse. Distintivi per i Mutilati in Guerra, Madri dei Caduti etc.

WW1 wounded badge Mutilato in Guerraundated type by S. Very good details, appears to be silver. Orginal button-hole type fastener with all markings. Very attractive reduced size badge, 17mm x 14mm. Large type in silver by the Royal Mint Regia Zecca. Shows some ycht and has an undeniable charm of patina to it. Details are very good, especially the branches, Royal Arms and the star atop.

It would be hard to find a much better example. Vertical pin with catch intact. Yacht week thailand reviews type with button-hole type fastener.

Great details, marked under fastener 'ITALIA'. Very nice badge, uncommon marking. This was the last type in the series originally started during WW1.

Offered here is rather scarce example in silvered bronze, manufactured by BOMISA Milano marked to buttonhole fastener. Brambilla, page shows later variation. Unione Nazionale Mutilat per Servizio. Complete with original button hole slide. Very hard to find. This is a most superb example, struck by Mint Zecca in Rome.

Awards were distributed on behalf of the Republican Government through the al said yacht trieste associations. Appears to be silver but unmarked. This is the largest size badge used at 32mm x 30mm. Difficult to obtain in this size. Good details, shows age and wear.

Orginal button-hole al said yacht trieste fastener. Mutilati Invalidi Di Guerra'.

Founded in to aid soldiers affected during WW1. Complete with original pin for fastening.

Similar to example shown in Brambilla page Book mentions that such undated badge was also awarded to those who were injured during African Campaigns, Spanish Civil War and the WW2 except RSI. Medal is much like the type "A" in Brambilla's bookexcept for the hallmark which appears to be interlaced letters LCM? A Medal with this exact mark is not featured in Brambilla. It is definitely not revision Brambilla as reverse was slightly different in those inscription and foliage.

Distintivo D'onore Per Le Madri Dei Caduti in Guerratype "A" Brambilla. Prini - Sacchini" Brambilla type "B". Croce Rossa Italiana, Distintivo D'Anzianita Modelli "Regno D'Italia". Issued for 25 years of service. This short lived medal was replaced in by the Cross for Long Service. Bronze, unmarked but according to Brambilla possibly made by Johnson in Milan. Good condition, one edge knock. Brambilla - page Silver class with original box of issue.

Medal is attributed to a Doctor, reverse engraving: Ugo Urlano" - name could also be 'Urbano'. It is very hard to find these attributed, especially to a Doctor. He would most likely have been in a military facility, field hospital or such during Sair. Medal in excellent condition, ribbon appears original. Case shows a lot wl wear outside ,but still sound construction wise.

Medal is of type aaid Brambilla - page28mm in diameter. Tailetti and manufactured by Royal Mint Regia Zecca. Blackened copper, enamel intact.

al said yacht trieste

Vertical pin with catch for fastening. Worn but good condition. Appears to be silvered bronze. Struck by the Royal Mint crowned Z mark. Older vintage, silvered bronze and blue enamel. Old type with Royal Crown. AN FANTE was organized in to honor and glorify infantryman fallen in the line of duty. Very americas cup yacht racing tv schedule badge, silvered copper and blue enamels.

Hallmarked silver, frosted finish. Reverse bearing symbol of Rome in high relief. Original ribbon also in colors of Rome. Issued to thomas gross yacht gathering in Rome in Year VII of Mussollini's calendar. Great design, struck by S. Complete with ribbon display mounted.

Alpine Rifles particpated in some of hardest fought battles during WW1 and were very highly regarded. Wonderful design, quality trieset. Ribbon appears original, display mounted. Shows typical wear but no damage. Ribbon seem proper but short in length.

Powerful design by E. Monti, struck by S. Johnson marked to obverse. Shows age, pitting to reverse. Complete with ribbon stained, al said yacht trieste.

Period ribbon same as Fiume medal below. These areas are near where the Alpine Skiing events were held during the Olympics Winter Games in Turin. Bronze, wolf's head in high relief. Classic design, struck in frosted silver. Marked '' on reverse. Bronze gilt, vertical pin fastener. Remember to Always Dare - phrase coined by Italian writer Gabriele D'Annunzio and used as the motto of the MAS Motor Anti Submarine during WW1 and WW2. Stark design of an eagle attacking the eye of the horse.

Treiste design by 'Perrone', manufactured by S. Scuola Militare, Mak62 Corso. Dynamic boating design to obverse. Reverse with yacht club "RYC" flag in enamels. Maker marked to obverse: Gold grade, silver gilt.

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