Drop it like its yacht theme

drop it like its yacht theme

As always, we are partying with a purpose. Are you ready to drop it like it s yacht Of course you are That s why you are cordially invited to come and party with Alpha Sigma Phi: Drop It Like It's Yacht. One of my favourite travels this past year to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia with some stellar travel mates! #SalandSenya # DropItLikeItsYacht #TheBelleAbroad. Saturday, June 25th LOCATION:

April 16, Meghana Pawar EntertainmentLifestyle 3 This is not one of my usual blogs. Tried something refreshing this time.

drop it like its yacht theme

Since days my mind wandered around a similar context. I have poured my thoughts out here for you yacht rental dubai relish…! A tiny drop it like its yacht theme, but every drop makes the ocean, every drop IS the ocean.

drop it like its yacht theme

It matters and it counts. When you serve someone whole heartedly, doubts may arise but if your faith and devotion is strong, everything subsides, truth remains… When billions are striving for you Does my contribution matter?

Do my little efforts count…? Faith tremble when doubt arise Mind is unstable when dark cloud mount… Then shines the ray of light… That beams even through the misty storm It states no matter how vast the ocean sight… Even a single ripple makes a difference A single wave has the potential to move a trapped yacht Every single drop in the ocean is the ocean itself Every single drop counts… Love — A drop in the ocean!

Love needs no introduction. We all have tasted at least some bits of it either in its purest form or in its distorted versions. Love is our very being.

Love is you and me. Without love, there is no magic because in our chartering a yacht in the bahamas we know, love moves the world….

The more I explore, the less I know The more I wander, the far I go But sometimes, it all seem vain What is my love?

drop it like its yacht theme

A drop in the ocean…! You are a mystery I am yet to solve In your pure being, Sea owl yacht georgetown want to dissolve But, you are away in the plain What is my love?

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