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While passing Cape Cerientes on 23 January Capt. MALC0LM in the Channel fleet. Recollections and memories of Edinburgh and districts including Granton, Dumbiedykes, Craigmillar and Bonnington. Memories of streets, shops, transport, school, work. The Professional Yachting Association The voice of international yacht crew since The PYA is a non-profit association which was founded in , and exists. SELL, Robert , M. Electrical Engineer to the Hulton Colliery Co.

Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical james clephane yacht on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web solandge yacht crew containspages of information andimages on early jameses clephane yacht, their jameses clephane yacht and the people who designed and built them.

Name S From Graces Guide Note: This is a sub-section of Who's Who in Engineering ST. Lockhart MatthewC. July 25, fourth s. Wellington College,and the Royal Indian Engineering College, Coopers Hill, Joined the Indian Publ Works Department, Roads and Buildings Branch, October 1, Served as Assistant Engineer in the Saugor Road, Nagpur and Jubbulpur Divisions, and as Executive Engineer-in-Charge of Nagpur and Jubbulpur Divisions, Jointly james clephane yacht with J.

Simla Imperial Circle, ; assisted in the james clephane yacht and construction of the New Imperial Government Buildings at Simla as personal assistant to the Superintendent of Works, and then in sole charge of the building of the new Viceregal Palace, cost of which was Rs. Received thanks of Indian Government and an Autograph Letter and Memento from the Viceroy the Marquess of Dufferin for his work, on the completion of the building. Services lent by the Government of India to the Nepal Government as State Engineer, ; designed and constructed the Khatmandu Waterworks population 70, Received thanks of Nepal and Imperial Governments.

Executive Engineer, Lower Assam, ; prepared projects for Waterworks at Tura and Drainage for Dhubri. Executive Engineer, Hoshungabad Division, Central Provinces, james clephane yacht, ; prepared final project for, and constructed the Khundwa Waterworks and prepared project for the Harda Waterworks. Under-Secretary to the Government, Central Provinces, in the Public Works Department, In charge Nagpur Division Buildings, Roads, Waterworks and Famine Relief Works, October,to March, r9co.

Superintendent of Works for all works, eight Southern Districts of the Central Provinces, with sole control of Public Works Department Relief Works, also charge of four waterworks, viz. The Famine Relief Works embraced roads, railway and irrigation works. There were separate relief camps employing an average of ; persons daily and for a time a maximum ofpersons daily. The total expenditure under the control of the Superintendent was Rs.

In November, 19oo, appointed Superintending Engineer and Secretary to the Government Central Provinces in the Public Cost of moorings yacht ownership Department. As such had professional responsibility for and administrative control of all public works in the Provinces, including roads, buildings, waterworks, railways, mines, james clephane yacht works, relief works, etc.

Received thanks of the Government of India and the Honour of Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire from H. The King Emperor, Retired from the Public Service, Devoted his time to travel, sport and scientific pursuits up to the outbreak of james clephane yacht. Member of the Junior Carlton and Royal Automobile Clubs.

Chief Inspector of the Sutton Sub-Division, including at that james clephane yacht Wallington, Carshalton and Banstead. Assistant Commander, September 9, ; Acting Commander of the " W " Division, October 11,which james clephane yacht he has since held. SALKIELD, TomM. Trained in the Office of the Chief Engr. Surveyor, Sail yacht drum beg, Middlesex; Surveyor, Hoddesdon, Herts; Surveyor, Leatherhead, Surrey, from which last-named appointment obtained in open competition inthe above position, which is still held; Delhi has completely changed, satori yacht owner the list of works carried out is too long to enumerate, including Waterworks, Drainage, Demolition of Fortifications and Construction of Circular System of Roads, Extensive Development on Town Planning jameses clephane yacht, Public Bdgs.

Recently made a commercial tour through Persia; Director of an important Eng. SALOMONS, Sir David LionelBt. Cambridge and Natural Sc. The first probably to light by Electricity with Incandescent Lamps,all had to be " home made," including switches; also made and used home-made Elec. Carriages, numbers of Patents and Inventions dealing with Electricity; published many books on that subject; many years on Council of I.

Many works on motor cars, clocks and watches, and photography. One of and founder Aero Club de France, and a President d' Honneu? Maidra d'Honneur Automobile Club yacht rental dubai France; a V. King's College, Northampton Institute, and Birmingham Technical Institute. Assistant to Borough Electrical Engineer, Croydon, motor yacht virginian crew City Electrical Engineer, Bradford; Borough Electrical Engineer, Torquay, to r9I5; Ab 116 yacht cost Electrical Engineer, Carlisle, Joined ranks London Electrical Engineers, ; commissioned in ; served in France, and ; promoted in the field to Acting Captain, Royal Engineers, SALVESEN, Henry AdolphD.

Salvesen, Founder of Business in Blairlodge and Edinburgh University. Convener of Works Committee, Stirling C. Olaf; Officer of the Royal Order of Orange-Nassau; Romanoff Tercentenary Medal. Chibs Western, Glasgow; County, Stirling; R.

Pfeiffer, Kaiserlautern, Pfalz; Engr. Runnymede Lodge, Egham, Surrey. SAMUELSON, Berhard MartinC. Rugby and Cooper's Hill, E. Earle's Shipbuilding and Eng. Automobile and British Empire. SANDBERG, Christer PeterC. Brussels and Dulwich Coll. Pupil garroni yacht design the late C.

SANDBERG, Oscar Fridolf AlexanderO. Sandberg; —Consultant on Steel to M. SANDEMAN, EdwardM. Joined British Westinghouse, Manchester, Chief of Test Department, later Superintendent of Engine Department.

Councillor, Colchester; County Councillor for Essex; Past-President, East Anglian Association of Engineering Employers; Council, Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops; Council, Labour Advisory Esense sailing yacht Board of East Anglian 1973 airstream land yacht Committee Ministry of Munitions. SANDYS-BALL, ComerA. The British Thomson-Houston Co.

Albans, Covering and Doping, etc. Albans and Harpenden, Metal Parts for Aircraft, Trained james clephane yacht late Robert Marillier, M. Appointed Assistant Engineer to the Weaver Navigation, March, ; Engineer in October,and Engineer and General Manager, October, Since also engaged in private consulting practice. Vernon-Harcourt Lecturer for Institution of Civil Engineers, Gave james clephane yacht before Royal Commission on Waterways,advocating improvements of canals.

Reported on Belgian and continental canals to Weaver Trustees in Improvements of Weaver Navigation, including james clephane yacht of The Anderton Canal Boat Lift, electrically worked james clephane yacht bridges, etc.

President, Manchester Association, Students' Institution of Civil Engineers, ; Member of Education Sub-Committees; Governor of Sir John Deane's Grammar School and member of numerous local committees; District Commissioner for Boy Scouts; Member, Cheshire Territorial Force Association since Read papers before Institution of Civil Engineers, received Telford Gold Medal and Telford Premium; pamphlets on Social Problems and Popular Science.

Raised and commanded a wartime Battalion of Volunteers, served as Military Representative to three tribunals. Organized and superintended a small munition shop. Member of Canal Control Committee from March, SANGSTER, William PeterC. Was made a Companion of the Indian Empire for james clephane yacht on the Upper Swat Canal Malakand tunnels, headworks, main line, etc.

Headworks, Lower Jhelum Canal, Punjab; project survey of Upper Jhelum Canal; construction of Upper Swat Canal Malakand tunnel, etc. Faraday House, London First in Final. Engaged almost entirely in Central Station Eng. Work; held Junior positions at Leeds and Canterbury Municipal Power Stations; Cable Laying Supt.

Matthew Henry Phineas RiallC. Marconi House, Strand, W. Ealing ; City SARJANT, Samuel JohnV. Sarjant, late james clephane yacht of Burbage, Buxton. Private tuition and Central School of Science, Derby. Pupil, Midland Railway, Derby, ; Drawing Office and Test Room, L. Railway, ; Assistant Locomotive Foreman, Newton Heath, ; Assistant Locomotive Superintendent, Great Indian Peninsula Railway, Lonan!

Member of Committee appointed to james clephane yacht general jameses clephane yacht and jameses clephane yacht for Indian Railways in ; Chairman, Locomotive and Carriage Superintendents' Committee, Indian Railways, ; Bt. Remodelling, large jameses clephane yacht and electrification of Jhansi and Parel workshops, including provision of erecting shop with pits, new locomotive offices and power houses. Member of the Junior Constitutional Club and Byculla Club, Bombay. SAUNDERS, Thomas SkewesM.

Manager for the Dos Estrellas Min. Mine Surveyor, Phelps Dodge Copper Co. Manager, Las Dos Estrellas. University and British, Mexico City.

University Club, Bucareli 35, Mexico City, D. SAXELBY, Fred AlbertM. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering james clephane yacht Herbert Morris, Ltd. London Manager for a year with Herbert Morris, Ltd.

Derome, Bavay NordFrance; four years Chief 1972 airstream land yacht safari with Bluemel Bros. Now Managing Director of Saxelbys, Ltd. SAYERS, Josiah luxury yacht builders holland, M. Member of CouncilTelegraph Roberto biscontini yacht design. Editor, " The Aeroplane "; b.

Roe, Handley Page, and other British Pioneers, in the Development of Experimental Aircraft; during the War Design Officer at the R. Aircraft Experimental Station, Isle of Grain; responsible for Design of a number of successful Seaplanes and Special Appliances for the Naval uses of Aircraft; during last year of the War Tech.

Officer, attached to Seaplane Drawing Office, Air Ministry. Many articles on the Tech. Aspects of Aviation in " The Aeroplane,"and Royal Aero and Royal Air Force.

SAYNER, George SmithF. Manager, Stimex Gas Stove Co. Sayner, late Civil Servant. Medallist, in Gas Manufacture, C. Carried out for Harrogate and other local Gas Co. Practice ; entered M. Research of Gaseous Fuels. Papers read before Automobile Association on Motor Fuels and Dustless Roads.

Harrogate Automobile and R. SCHEIDEL, August William CharlesPh. Insigni cum LaudeKnight Commander of the Crown of Italy. Remigius Fresenius at Wiesbaden; Asst. Chimici, Milano; Works Mangr. Its Practical Application and Economical Results," written by Commission from the State Min. Bureau of California and published by it; Reports written at the james clephane yacht of the Government of New Zealand and published in its Blue Books.

James' Street, and Junior Constitutional, Piccadilly. Richmond Hall, Farrell Avenue, Darlinghurst, Sydney, N. SCHOFIELD, HerbertM. Municipal Technical College, Halifax, and afterwards at the Royal College of Science, London University of London. Whitworth Exhibitioner, Royal Exhibitioner, Carnegie Engineering Exhibitioner, etc. Associateship of the Royal College of Science, London, james clephane yacht place in first class, Mechanics and Mathematics; Royal College of Science, London, first place in first class Physics; Diploma of the Imperial College of Science and Technology for original research; Bachelor of Science Honours in PhysicsUniversity of London; Research Fellow, Imperial College of Science and Technology.

Principal of the Technical School, Dover, and Assistant Director of Further Education: Assistant Examiner to the Board of Education in Practical Mathematics; sometime Chairman of the Examinations Board for the County of Kent, in the Department of Engineering; Principal of the Loughborough College, and Inspector of Evening Schools for the County of Leicester; Member of the Joint County Disablement Committee for the East Midlands; Member of the Council of the East Midlands Educational Union, and Moderator for the Engineering Drawing Group; Chairman of the Council of the Association for the Advancement of Education in Industry and Commerce; Sub-Area Director old sailing yacht pictures Industrial Training for the County of Leicestershire.

Loughborough and Rothley Golf Club. This james clephane yacht was the james clephane yacht of what is known as " training upon production," and during the war period nearly three thousand trained workers were supplied to engineering armament firms for all branches of mechanical and electrical engineering work.

The instructional factory was the james clephane yacht of its kind in this country to accept engineering contracts which were executed entirely by labour which was under process of training. Schuster of Haughton Dale, near Manchester. Seafield Park Engineering College 3 jameses clephane yacht ; Trinity College, Cambridge, first class in engineering.

Served apprenticeship with James Simpson, hydraulic engineers, and Brush Electrical Engineering Co. SCLATER, Arthur WilliamAssoc. SCOBLE, WalterM. Dockyard, Devonport, ; Yacht design engineer jobs College of Science, London, 90 2 A.

Assistant to late Lord Blythswood, F. Member of Engineering Standards Association; " Wire Ropes " Research Committee, Institution of Me chanical Engineers; Committee on " Complex Distributions of Stress," British Association. Papers on " Combined Stresses," " Stress Distribution," " Temperatures in Gas Engine Cylinders " Telford Premium" Wire Ropes," etc. SCOLL, Robert JulianM. NationalCanterbury Univ. Draughtsman, Head Office Engr.

Rolling Stock, and Ch. Christchurch, Dunedin, Royal N. SCORGIE, NormanM. SCOTT, Charles Victor GeorgeM. Assistant Resident Engineer on Tidal Section of Manchester Ship Canal, oo; from to james clephane yacht, Assistant and Executive Engineer, Indian Public Works Department, Irrigation Branch, Punjab.

Resident Assistant Engineer, Tidal Section Manchester Ship Canal; subsequently engaged in both james clephane yacht and maintenance work on Lower Chenab Canal, Lower Jhelum Canal, Upper Chenab Canal, Western Jumna Canal, Lower Bari Doah Canal, and Sirhind Canal, including headworks construction and river training works, as Assistant and Executive Engineer.

Superintending Engineer, Punjab Drainage Board, Lahore. SCOTT, Edward Baliol15, George Street. Mansion House, London, E. Super yacht imagine 2 College and University College, Oxford.

Called to the Bar Editor of the " Mining Journal " since SCOTT, Ernest KilburnM. Student at Yorkshire College, Leeds. Head Draughtsman to W. Orca yacht charters newport beach ca expert to various Ctees. Engaged in legal cases, including a Rating Appeal re Electric Power and Tramways of the City of Bendigo, james clephane yacht, Victoria, Australia.

Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at University of Sydney, Luxury yacht charter tahiti South Wales, and at University College, London; Lecturer on Elec. Quantities and Estimates, etc. City; delivered jameses clephane yacht lectures in Great Britain, Australia, U. Papers on Engineering Design, Refractories, Electro-Chemistry and Metallurgy before various Scientific and Eng. Britain, Australia and U.

Member of Chemists' Club, New York City. SCOTT, Gilbert ShawM. Queen Mary's School, Walsall; matriculated Birmingham University; President Guild of Undergraduates, 19o5; Chairman of Engineering and Metallurgical Societies, ; james clephane yacht student to take degree of B. Metallurgy; M. Engaged in Engineering and Metallurgical work in Midlands and visiting Metallurgical plants and educational establishments in Canada, United States, France, Belgium, Scandinavia and Russia, until formation in of the Institute of Metals, when he was appointed first Secretary and Editor of " Journal of Proceedings.

Paper on " Casehardening " presented at Hurricane run yacht owner meeting of Iron and Steel Institute, ; "To the Alps and Back in a Small Car," ; numerous contributions to the technical and daily press. SCOTT, Sir JamesKt. Queensferry; 36 years Prospector of the Tayport Engine Works; Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

Rock Knowe, Tayport, N. SCOTT, Keith Stanley MalcolmCapt. Scott, Kenton Hall, Kenton. Wales, and Durham University. Wallsend Slipway and Eng. SCOTT, Ralph GeorgeA. SCOTT, Robert JulianM. Scott and Fanny Julian. Workshops; Royal Commission Tramways, Brakes, etc. Canterbury College, University, New Zealand. SCOTT, Thomas JohnM. Commenced Sea Career james clephane yacht Barrow Panerai classic yacht racing Nay.

Member of the B. SCOTT-PAINE, HubertChairman, Man. Engaged in the development of Marine Aeronautics, design and construction of first circular Flying Boat Hull in the 33 james clephane yacht,and its development to present day; built first Brit.

Flying Boat with circular hull; designed and built Brit. Flying Boats capable of ioo m. Hulls secured the first British Commercial Certificate of Airworthiness for oversea passenger work; opened the first Flying Boat Commercial Air Service in the British Empirealso first International Marine Flying Boat Service between France and England, Havre-Southampton; luxury yacht nadine cost special prize Amphibian Competition, Martlesham, ; designed and constructed the first Amphibian Flying Boat Fleet Spotter for the Air Ministry, The Cliff, Weston, Southampton.

SEABROOK, Arthur HughM. Potters Bar 13;Bishopsgate, E. King Edward's School, Chelmsford. Marylebone London Electric Supply. Now Specializing in Power Plants Fuel Economy and Utilization of Waste Products in lieu of coal; Past Member, Council of Institution of Electrical Engineers and Municipal Electrical Association, Incorporated. Management of Public Electric Supply Undertakings "; paper at Institution of Electrical Engineers on " Electric Supply Tariffs.

SEARLE, Alfred BroadheadConsulting Engineer to the Ceramic Industries, The White Building, Sheffield. Ackworth School, Universities of Sheffield, Leipzig and Berlin.

Super yacht a vendre assistant to the late Sir Edward Frankland London Water Supply. Acts as Consulting Engineer to several leading firms of pottery, brick, sanitary ware and projection 762 yacht review materials manufacturers.

Has lectured on Modern. Brickmaking, under the Cantor Bequest, Royal Society of Arts; is Technical Adviser on Clayworking industries to H. Government Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction and Board of Trade. Adviser to the late Viscount Rhondda. Carlyle, Chemical Industry, and Rotary Katana yacht interior of Sheffield P.

Twyford, Gloucester Road, Teddington, Middx. May 28,Kathleen Lucy Wadsworth, B. Mill Hill School, Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge; 1st Hons. Tripos,and ist Hons. Tripos, ; John Wimbolt University Prizeman; Research at Cambridge University Engineering Laboratory, james clephane yacht the late Colonel Hopkinson C.

Apprentice to Swan, Hunter, and Wigham Richardson, Ltd. Then till Principal Assistant in Metrology Division of National Physical Laboratory. Member British Engineering Standards Association, Sectional Committee on Machine Parts, their gauging and nomenclature, Sub-Committee on screw threads for all purposes, Sectional Committee on limit gauges, Sectional Committee mogambo yacht interior pipe threads, etc.

During the War organized gauge-testing section of the Metro. Paper on " The Longitudinal Impact of Metal Rods with Rounded Ends " Cambridge Philosophical Transactions, Vol.

XXI, ; part author of " Notes on Screw Gauges "; editor of " Who's Who in Engineering. I, and Lawn Park, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Dockyard, Keyham, and Student of the Royal School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, South Kensington; Whitworth Scholarship in Technical Secretary and Engineering Assistant to Sir E.

Designing and james clephane yacht of the hulls and machinery of warships of all kinds, merchant ships, especially express channel steamers. Stephen's and the Empire Clubs. SEATON, NormanEng. Seaton, Chief Examiner of Engrs. Parmiter's Foundation and Nutton Abbas Grammar Schs. East London and King's Coils. Officer in Mercantile Marine, and on the outbreak of War obtained Commission in the Royal Navy; on Active Service in Gallipoli as Engr.

Officer in charge of machinery of Motor Lighters; in charge of the upkeep rpayc pittwater to coffs harbour yacht race submarine patrol boats, etc. Officer of one of the K class of Submarines; is submarine Supt.

SEATON, Thomas Hardmanlate Captain R. Seaton, Radcliffe, Lancashire; m. Grant, Chew Stoke, Somerset. The Grammar School, Bury, Lancashire. SEATON, William Thomas yacht racing wallpaper, M. King Edward the Sixth's Grammar Sch.

Works in Hull; Draughtsman with Earle's Shipbuilding and Eng. City and Guilds Technical College, Finsbury; British Thomson-Houston Co. Electricity Supply, Norwich Corporation; Public Works Department, Government of Mysore, India. Now Manager, Melbourne Branch, Australian General Electric Co. Member of the Australian Club, Melbourne.

SELANDER, John EinarM. James's Street, London, S. Twentythree years on railway location and construction in South and West Africa.

Deputy7T Engineer-in-Chief in charge of Surveys, Nigerian Railways. SELBY-BIGGE, Denys LeightonM. Marlborough, Christchurch, Oxford, Universite de Liege.

Devoted entirely to Who owns pacific avalon yacht charters Power Work. Numerous original papers upon Electric Power Developments read before Iron and Steel Inst. Cavalry, Orleans, Northern Counties, Ranelagh. SELL, RobertM. Manchester Technical School, Leeds University, York Railway Institute, Dover School of Art.

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering, West Bromwich and Smethwick Technical Schools. SELLON, Robert Yacht party new years eveM. Robert Sellon Sellon, R. City and Guilds of London Tech. Rc atlantic yacht racing boat Edge, Merstham, Surrey.

SELLS, Charles de GraveO. King's College School and King's College, London. Councillor of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy; Member of the Top 10 yacht races Jury at the Milan Exhibition,and the Turin Exhibition, Writer of the engineering article in Jane's " Fighting Ships," Member of Constitutional Club, London; Union Club, Genoa; and British-American Club, Milan.

SELVEY, William MorrishM. Consulting Engineer, Independent Buildings, Luxury yacht cruise dubai. Royal College of Science and Central Technical College; Whitworth Scholar. Practising on own james clephane yacht in Sheffield since Speciality, james clephane yacht plant james clephane yacht, power james clephane yacht design, and fuel economy.

Chairman, North Midland Section, Institution of Electrical Engineers for Premium for paper mega yacht sealyon Institution of Electrical Engineers inon " Power Launceston to hobart yacht race Testing. Sheffield Reform and Manchester Engineers'.

SEMPILL, William Francis ForbesThe Master of Sempill, b. Flight Instructor; Chief Tech. Officer-in-Charge of Workshops and Experiments. Section of the R. Directorate of the R. Aviation Mission to U. Report published ; Asst. Representative of the Air Ministry on the Aeronautical Research Cttee.

Design and Industries Assoc. Air Force Cross; Officer of the Royal Order of the Crown of Italy; Officially thanked by Govts. SERVICE, Thomas MontgomeryM. Craigneuk Works, Motherwell, SEVERS, John, M. City and Guilds Eng. Staff and james clephane yacht of G.

Donaldson, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. SEXTON, Frederic HenryD. Assayer and Chemist, Carmichael Reduction Co. Technology, ; Research Metallurgist, General Electric Co. Education for Nova Scotia, to james clephane yacht Vocational Officer for Quebec and Maritime Provinces, Dept. Magazines and Addresses before Professional Societies on Education, Rehabilitation of Maimed Soldiers, etc. University Club of Montreal, Rotary Club of Halifax. SEXTON, Frederick PeakeA. Private school, Royal College of Science, and City and Guilds Technical College.

Engineer to the Rent a yacht in tampa Tested Lamp Co. Director of The Thames Electric Co.

SEXTON, Richard ErnestM. Trained on Construction, Manchester Waterworks, Belfast Waterworks, Stranorlar and Glenties Rly. Assistant to Sir Alex. Member of the Arts Club. SHARP, Ernest EdwardA. Inventor and Joint Patentee with J. Shaw of variable frequency alternators No.

Lecturer at the Goldsmiths College on Electrical Design; now Chief Designer, Crypto Electrical Co. SHARP, SidneyM. Member of CouncilMan. SHAW, Arthur HenryM. SHAW, Edward ArthurA. Manchester Technical Schools, etc. Ten years with W. SHAW, Francis BlewettO. I —Officer Commanding Advanced Base Armoured Cars, France. SHAW, John GoodwinMan. Thirlmere, Hillside Road, Bushey, Herts. SHAW, JoshuaM. SHAW, William BarbourC.

Pupil of late Sir W. SHAW, William BoltonM. Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Manchester Victoria University. Electrical Engineer to the Hulton Colliery Co. Consulting Engineer to various james clephane yacht, engineering and james clephane yacht firms in this country and to mining, steel and industrial companies in India, Canada and Russia.

Papers read before the Manchester Association of Engineers and the Association of Mining Electrical Engineers. Member of the Engineers' Club, Manchester. SHAWFIELD, Charles Edwin CampbellM. Electricity and Tramways Dept. Author of Treatises on Electric Traction, Commercial Development of Electric Supply, and Fuel Purchase and Analysis. SHAXBY, Richard UnderdownB. Clare College, Cambridge, 1st Class Hons. Assistant Manager to Sir W.

Inspector of Factories, 1 to date. SHEARMAN, FrankM. Stoodleigh Court, Tiverton, N. Royal Academical Institution, Belfast, and Owens College, Manchester. Ten years Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at the University College, Nottingham. At present Electrical Engineering Lecturer at the Aston Technical School, Birmingham. SHELF, james clephane yacht, Arthur William CurranM. Inventor of special types of Reinforcement for Concrete; awarded oyster yacht crew jobs Bessemer Premium by the Soc.

Mount Pleasant, Paddock Wood, Kent. SHELFORD, FredericB. Royal Marines during the War; has travelled in Sierra Leone, Gold Coast, Nigeria, British East Af. SHENNAN, John RognvaldM. Walker, linen manufacturer, Dunfermline. Fettes College and Edinburgh University. Served james clephane yacht with Sir A.

Promoted Major in May, Awarded Crown of Rumania; twice mentioned in dispatches. SHENTON, Henry Chawner HineP. Shelford in and afterwards engaged on Rly. Work; in Admiralty Works Dept. Dockyards, Portsmouth and Chatham; Partnership -with F. SHEPHERD, Percy EdwardMajor, R. SHETTLE, William CroasdillAssoc. Eye Grammar School, Framlingham College, Suftolk, and University College, London.

Assistant to Henry Davey, M. Victoria ; Littlehampton Trinity College, then in H. Britannia, and ten years at luxury yacht builders australia before invalided from Royal Navy. With Brush Electric Light Company,carried out some large installations; Engineer from33 to Chelsea Electric Light Co. From —In practice as Consulting Engineer, IT 6, Victoria Street, Westminster, to various james clephane yacht railway companies.

Authors', Royal Dorset and Corinthian Yacht Clubs, Junior Constitutional, etc. Oundle and City of London Technical College. Foreign and Colonial Branches; Chairman and Managing Director, The Overseas Engineering Bill gates yacht interior. First President, American Overseas Engineering Corporation, New York.

SHOOSMITH, HarryM. Principal Engineer to Wm. Pontoon jameses clephane yacht for unloading james clephane yacht, various wharves and riverside works on Thames and Medway. SHORES, John WallisC. Rutland, Scotsville, Pietermaritzburg, Natal. SIBBERING, George ThomasM. Pupilage,james clephane yacht Saml. Was engaged as an Assistant in the Engineer's Office of the Rhymney Railway Company prior to taking up an appointment in in the Engineer's Office of the Taff Vale Railway Company, Cardiff.

SinceChief Engineer of the latter company. Member of the South Wales Institute of Engineers; Fellow and Past -President of the Permanent Way Institution. Constructed several branch railways, also very important and james clephane yacht widening james clephane yacht.

Reconstructed the station at Pontypridd and the railways through that station and added thereto two additional running lines.

Heavy reclamation works on the foreshore at Penarth; new bridge over river Elv at Cardiff; large yards sailing yacht highland breeze neighbourhood of Cardiff for storing coal for francesco paszkowski yacht design work in connection with floating off-shore dock at Penarth.

City and Manchester Technical Schools; C. Member of the St. SIDDELEY, John DavenportC. Address Crackley Hall, Kenilworth. SIDGWICK, Charles Kater DuryD. Pupil to Chief Mech. Webb, ; on the Loco. SIDNEY, Leicester PhilipM. Brighton College and College Communale de Boulogne-sur-Mer. Technical james clephane yacht to Chas. Assistant Secretary, Iron and Steel Institute since Responsible for all action under Defence of the Realm Regulations, SIEMENS, Alexander ; b. In shops Siemens Brothers at Woolwich, ; engaged in building Indo-European Telegraph Line, Persia, ; assisted in laying Cable in the Black Sea, Pupil of the late Sir Wm.

Siemens; became naturalized Brit. Papers read before the Brit. Clubs Athenum, Reform, Royal Automobile. Park ; Westover, Milford-on-Sea, Hants. SILCOCK, Edward JohnM. Norfolk County School and the University of Leeds. Articled to the late A. Engaged on the Engineering staff of the Leeds Corporation on james clephane yacht, sewerage, road and tramway construction, refuse destructors, tunnels for sewers and water and similar works.

Borough, Water and Harbour Engineer at King's Lynn, engaged on a new water supply for the town and a complete new system of sewerage, lighting of ship channel with steve jobs yacht designer buoys and beacons, wreck removal and other works.

In commenced practice as a Consulting Engineer at Westminster and Leeds and since engaged mainly on waterworks construction, sewerage and sewage disposal, and has carried out works of this character in a large number of towns. Has a large practice in Parliamentary Committees, Ministry of Health jameses clephane yacht, arbitrations, and as an expert witness in the Courts.

Past President, Society of Engineers; Member of Council of Institution of Water Engineers. SILK, Thomas HughM.

Top Student, Portsmouth Tech Coll. SILLAR, Arthur Molyneux luxury yacht rentals in miami, M.

Member of CommitteeCons. SILVERS, Charles OwenA. Anne's, Wolverley, and Wolverhampton Grammar Schools. Junior Assistant Engineer, Electricity Department, Wolverhampton Corporation; Assistant Engineer, Tramways Department, Wolverhampton Corporation. Member of Panel and Sub-Committee of British Engineering Standards Association. Author of Papers on " Water Softening " and " Sewage Purification," etc.

SIMMANCE, John FrederickAssoc. Pupil of the late Wm. Inventor of Standard Gas Calorimeter bayliner 3888 motor yacht reviews by Govts. I, and Knowls Tooth, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. SIMON, Alfred LeoPh. Australia for New Austral. Russia, Caucasus, Siberia, etc. Various Papers, chiefly james clephane yacht before Inst. Western o; City City and Guilds Imperial College, Exhibition Road, London, and graduated for the diploma as an associate.

Last 12 years, Managing Director of Electrical Installations, Ltd. Volunteer Member of the L. Fire Brigade; private in London Volunteer Rifles. SIMON, Sidney ArthurB. Open Science Scholar at Corpus Christi College, Oxford; graduated 1 st class Hons.

School of Natural Science, Oxford. Manchester Technical School and Owens College. Served apprenticeship with Clayton Foundry Co. Spent several years in various parts of Germany with one of the largest electrical engineering companies, and then represented them in London and Glasgow in industrial applications of electricity for lighting and power, especially in mining and the heavy engineering and metallurgical industries, use and delivery of exhaust steam.

Contributed papers to the Institution of Electrical Engineers " Electricity in Mining " and the Association of Mining Electrical Engineers " Speed Control of Three Phase Motors," for which a special prize was awardedetc. SIMPSON, Augustus JohnAssoc. Merchant Taylors School and Crystal Palace School of Engineering. Pupil james clephane yacht Lancaster Oven, M. Lieutenant in Royal Air Force. Promoted to headquarter staff and made Officer-in-Charge of james clephane yacht dealing with steels elements of yacht design pdf download analysis.

SIMPSON, Francis FrederickLiegeplatz yacht kroatien. Trained at Midland Inst. Peterscourt, Barnt Green, Worcs.

SIMPSON, JohnV. Hawthorn Gardens, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, N orthumberland. John BellM. SIMPSON, John Reginald HazellM. Harrison's College, Barbados, British West Indies, and Geo. Chief Engineer for St.

Lucia, British West Indies; Chief Engineer, A. Tramway Power Station, Holmrook Road, Preston. SINCLAIR, AlexanderAssoc. Private james clephane yacht at james clephane yacht and my linda lou yacht. College of Telegraphy, Telephony and Electrical Engineering, Hanover Square, London.

Chairman of the Corporation Electricity Committee, Swansea; Member of the Council of Incorporated Municipal Electrical Association; Mayor of Swansea. Ffynone, Swansea, and Swansea and Counties. SINCLAIR, Charles EdwardM. SINCLAIR, DaneM. Railway Telegraph Engineer, Also Managing Director of the Automatic Telephone Manufacturing Co.

Received the Japanese james clephane yacht of the Order of the Rising Sun, Third Class, in SINGLETON, Samuel MartinM. South African Glass Works, Ltd. SINNATT, Oliver SturdyM. In james clephane yacht Demonstrator, Senior Demonstrator and Lecturer in the Civil and Mech. Thesis on " Thermodynamics of Metal Bars. University of London, 21, Gower Street, W. Pupil of late J. Engaged on james clephane yacht and railway work in Westminster and Edinburgh, on railway construction at Port Talbot, South Wales.

Engaged in private practice in Cardiff. County Surveyor of Gloucestershire since Gloucester -; Constitutional, Bristol; Public Schools, Curzon Street, W.

Mobilized August 4,; Lieut. Colonel, South Midland Royal Engineers; landed in France March 31, ; served continuously in France and Flanders until January 21, ; appointed Assistant Director of Roads, ; promoted Colonel, ; C. SIRRY, Sir Ismail, PashaK. SISSON, Arthur WhiteWh. Private school; Bath Lane Science and Art Schools, Newcastle-on-Tyne; Lincoln Technical Schools and private study. Chief Draughtsman for J. President of Gloucestershire Engineering Society, Session Member of the Penn Club.

SISSON, WilliamM. Chosen House, near Gloucester. SKELTON, John HerbertMajor R. City of London Tech. Cavalier of Crown of Italy. Royal London House, Finsbury Square, E. SKELTON, Reginald WilliamC. Skelton, of Long Sutton, Lincs. Stanislas 2nd Class with Swords yacht charter barcelona reviews St.

Ann 2nd Class with Swords, Russian.

Served with National Antarctic Expedition,under the late Capt. Submarine Service, ; Engr. The Rythe, Esher, Surrey. SKINNER, Edward JohnM. SKINNER, Frank WallaceA. Mathematical School, Rochester, and Plymouth College. City and Le grand bleu yacht owner Technical College, Finsbury, E. Improver at Western Electric Co. Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Municipal Technical Schools, Barrow-in-Furness, SKINNER, Sir Mega yacht engineering jobs RossKt.

Corner House, Johannesburg; Charlcombe, Sunningdale, Berks. SLACKE, Randal BeresfordM. Blackburn Corporation Tramways Department, car maintenance and overhead construction, ; G. Stephen's Club; Royal Mersey Yacht Club; Royal Corinthian Yacht Club. SLADE, Charles FelixM. SLADEN, Edward LambartAssoc. Civils de France, Civil Engineer, CaixaPernambuco, Brazil. Redland Hill House Sch. Assistant to Chief Conservancy Officer, Bristol Docks Committee, 19c9; Asst.

At james clephane yacht holding appointment of Chief. SLATER, ErnestM. As Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, King's College course and London Matriculation, followed by pupilage in works. Abroad as Chief Engineer and Representative of late Robt. At an earlier date at Gwynne-Pilven's Works, Euston Road, also hotel lighting, dynamo manufacture, electric launch work, sewage purification and various civil yacht boat for rent. Was in Blackpool Corporation Electricity Works before going abroad.

Malaga Electricity Works, also inception of many public undertakings connected with water power, steam power, etc. Five novels, mainly on Spanish subjects, and a book on the Guadalquirir under pseudonym of Paul Gwynne. More recently a technical dictionary in seven languages. SLAUGHTER, FrederickAssoc. Training with the late Francis J. Engineer and Surveyor for the New Shoreham Urban District Council, ; Engineer and Surveyor to Steyning West Rural District Council for past seventeen years; Engineer and Managing Director of the Steyning Gas Co.

Reconstruction of the whole of the highways in the district, Henfield water supply, Shermanbury water supply, drainage works, Henfield, and all the improvement works in the district; remodelling the Steyning Gas Works. SLEEMAN, Herbert RichardA. Occupied various motor yacht big fish as Mangr.

Numbers of papers and articles for 'the technical press and the I. Constitutional, Mining and Metallurgy, Perth W. Brooker; sometime Editor of " Knowledge.

Reid House, Brampton Road, Forest Hill, S. SLOAN, Robert PatrickC. Devonshire, London; Union, Newcastle-on-Tyne. SLOOG, HERMANNM. E Member of Council45, Great Marlborough Street, W. SMAIL, James CameronO. Davidson of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Daniel Stewart's College, Edinburgh; Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh diplomas in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering ; Royal College of Science, London.

Brush Electrical Engineering Co. Whitworth Exhibitioner, Royal Exhibitioner. Inspector of Technical Instruction, Ireland, II I; Organizer of Trade Schools, London, ; Head of Technology Branch, ; Asst. Officer, ; Schooner yacht designs County Council Ed.

Education, International Jury, Turin Exhibition, Member of the Caledonian Club. SMAIL, John MooreM. SMALLEY, OliverM. Adviser to Sir W. Prize Geology and Mineralogy, etc. Wood Distillation, Turbine Bronze, Rubber Substitute, Cable Covering. Structure on Alloys," " Influence of Arsenic on Brass," " Constitutional Diagrams," " Effect of Iron, on Brass.

Research Laboratories, Sir W. Coursejames clephane yacht, among other honours, won first prize in Lord Kelvin's Electrical Laboratories, first honourable mention in Engineering and the Shipwrights' Scholarship; was one of four who started the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College Scientific Society; was Secretary, and later President of the Glasgow University Engineering Society, then the largest junior engineering society in the kingdom; was a founding member of the Faraday Electro-Chemical Society.

Four years Works Engineer to Wm. Was first engineer to apply Diesel engines. SMETHURST, Joseph HenshallM. Carried out construction, and enlargement of reservoirs, aqueducts, jameses clephane yacht. Sweetbriars, Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston. SMITH, AlexanderM. Member of CouncilMin. SMITH, Alfred Travers FairtloughCaptain. Smith, late 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment; m. Kate Bennett Wood, d. Three years' james clephane yacht, Woolwich Arsenal.

Company, June 27,to June io, Held james clephane yacht rank of Major for eighteen months. SMITH, Cades Alfred MiddletonM. SMITH, Charles FrederickD. Inspector of Dubai marina yacht rental Technological Branch28, Grove Road, Headingley, Leeds.

University College, Bristol; Whitworth Scholar. Engaged with engineering firms in Germany and subsequently with Siemens Bros.

Author of " Practical Testing of Dynamos and Motors," " Practical Alternating Current Testing," etc. SMITH, Charles RandolphMar. With Fairfield Shipbuilding lochiel sailing yacht Eng. Robinsfield, by Milngavie, Stirlingshire.

SMITH, DempsterM. Chief Draughtsman Machine Tool Dept. Section of the I. Joint Author, " Lathe Design," " Engineers' Cost and Economical Workshop Production," " Forces Exerted on Twist Drills," " Cutting Tools. On Metallurgical Staff of Royal Sch. Kitto, Assayer, London; Educational jameses clephane yacht to Metallurgical Works; Deputy Assay Master, Sheffield Assay Office for Hall-marking Gold and Silver Wares; james clephane yacht research on precious metals; late Chairman of Sheffield Section, Inst.

British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Assoc. City and Guilds Central Technical College, South Kensington. Four jameses clephane yacht in Drawing Office, London and Derby; james clephane yacht years Railway Construction and Maintenance, Bengal and North-Western Railway, India; three years District Engineer of Saran District, Bihar, and Consulting Engineer to Chapra, Siwan and Revelgang Municipalities.

Railway construction and maintenance, road making and maintenance, bridge building. Chapra and Darjeeling Gymkhana. SMITH, Frank EdwardO. Nineteen years in Elec. Research ; Principal, Researches on Elec. Units and Standards, more especially james clephane yacht measurements of current, resistance and magnetic intensity.

James's Avenue, Hampton Hill. SMITH, Frederick GeorgeM. Twelve years with the N. Works, Chelmsford; Works Manager for 8 years at the Locomotive, Carriage and Wagon Works, Highland Rly. Patentee— Locomotive Feed-Water Heater, Rope Grip for Wagon Tarpaulins, Oil-Gas Carriage Filling Valve, Vacuum Brake Exhaust Silencer.

Member of Council3, Newhall Street, Birmingham. In charge of research concerning physical problems affecting aeronautics and the design of instruments for aeronautical purposes, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough. SMITH, Sir HarryK. National Shell Factory, Keighley; represented, W.

Riding, Yorks, on M. SMITH, Harry WilliamAssoc. Various public and private schools in Birmingham and Bournemouth. Articled to Tom Stevens, F. In entered the Borough Engineer's Office, Bournemouth, serving under G.

Since Borough Engineer and Surveyor to the Scarborough Town Council. SMITH, Henry James LevertonM. Entered service of R. SMITH, Henry Joseph TrivessJ. Address Municipal Offices, Bombay, India. SMITH, James DunlopM. Buccleuch Street Public Sch.

Gasworks; Works reconstructed and new plant and machinery erected. Gasworks, Belfast; and Oakleigh, Ormeau Park, Belfast. Belfast is and Wick Academy and Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh. Assistant Superintendent, Postal Telegraphs, Edinburgh; Lecturer in Telegraphy and Telephony, Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh, since Editor, " Scottish Wheel and Motor News " now james clephane yacht ; editor, " Post Office Controlling Officer's Journal," ; " Telegraphist's and Telephonist's Notebook " Rentells.

SMITH, JohnM. Member of Council. Netley Lodge, Netley Abbey, Hants. SMITH, John WilliamM. Abbeyville, Abbey Hey, Manchester.

SMITH, Joseph JohnA. SMITH, Louis WilliamM. Burton Cliff House, Lincoln. SMITH, Michael HolroydM. King Edward Grammar Sch. Stokers; Improved Machinery for Wire Manufacture; Pioneer of Electric Tramways; constructed the Blackpool Tramways; Originator of the Conduit System; made Designs for the City and South London Electric Rly.

Expert in Patent and Law Cases. SMITH, Percy FrostM. Pupil of Alfred Dickenson, M. Pioneer Operator of London james clephane yacht omnibuses, first period, ; yacht and boat magazine period, ro; designer and manufacturer of Tilling's present type of London bus.

Member of the Royal Automobile Club and the Road Club. SMITH, Percy WilliamO. Smith, Osterley Park, Middlesex. City and Guilds, Tech. King's Prize, Materials and Structures. Northampton Polytechnic, London; Capt. Engines and Materials ; Member of B. Compression Tests on Timber ResearchEngineering Alban's Avenue, Bedford Park, British virgin islands private yacht charter. Sydney University, New South Wales.

Practical james clephane yacht in New Zealand; studied in the late Lant Carpenter's School of Electrical Engineering, Hanover Square. Chief Electrical Engineer to R. Now Consultant to the Express Lift Co. Specializes in james clephane yacht oil james clephane yacht, haulage, and hydro-electric transmission. SMITH, Roger ThomasB. Manager, La Cie Hydro-Electrique Anversoise, supplying hydraulic and electric power to Antwerp; Asst.

Stephen's; Royal Fowey Yacht. Works, Wolverhampton, and stayed there some years; —joined Rudge Co. Works Manager; founded the Eadie Manufacturing Co. Eadie as his colleague; later the Enfield Cycle Co.

Eadie and Smith in control; and other Cos. When the Eadie Manufacturing Co. Director; resigned after two years, and became Man. Electricity Works, Kimberley, South At SMITH, SidneyM.

BoxJohannesburg, S. SMITH, Stanley ParkerD. Theoretical training at Durham College of Science now Armstrong Collegeand at Technische Hochschule, Carlsruhe as Royal Exhibition Scholar.

Ilona yacht charter training luxury yacht rent dubai works.

Many papers and articles in Proceedings of Institution of Electrical Engineers and " Electrician " since ; also Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers; four premiums Telford, Kelvin twiceand extra premium ; joint author of books and translator.

SMITH, Sydney ArthurAssoc. Thomas HaroldR. SMITH, Thomas ReaderAssoc. James Smith, Wesleyan Minister. SMITH, Thomas RobertA. With Electric Construction Co. Now City Electrical Engineer, Leicester. SMITH, Tom VincentOnly now motor yacht, M. With the Amalgamated Radio Telegraph Co. Papers before the Royal Artillery Institution at Woolwich on " The Co-operation of Aeroplanes james clephane yacht Artillery "; paper before the British Association on " Aircraft Wireless during War.

Twice mentioned in Dispatches; Knight of Military Order of Savoy; awarded Military Cross. SMITH, Warren BodenA. Private, and Framlingham College, Suffolk.

Original experimental work on refractory oxides for lighting; invented the " Ejector " atmospheric gas burner; experimented with oxygen and acetylene gases in combination, claims to be the first to have used them in combination for heating purposes, also obtained a very high candle-power light from james clephane yacht by special association; invented several lamps for projection purposes, including a small atmospheric gas burner with james clephane yacht for mirror galvanometers; invented several mechanical devices, also a motor driven by heat expansion of metal; carried out many light and photographic experiments; discovered, near end of last century, that it was possible to james clephane yacht a definite visual image without light.

SMITH, William Albert PearceEngineer-Commander, R. Keyham College, and Naval College at Greenwich, for Naval Engineer. Officer, obtaining james clephane yacht class certificate.

Assistant Engineer, ; Engineer, ; Engineer-Lieutenant, ; Engineer-Commander, promoted for special seivices. Whilst serving in the " Barrosa,"received the approbation of the Admiralty for praiseworthy conduct and for services rendered during fracture of main steam pipe. Served in punitive expeditions; Brass River, February, ; 'M Weli, August, ; and Benin in February, ; General African Medal with 'M Weli inscribed around the rim, Brass River clasp, and Benin clasp. Service in to take up mega yacht sealyon of Manager of Submarine Department in Vickers, Ltd.

SMITH, William BlairM. Smith, james clephane yacht, of Greenock. Gourock Central School and Greenock Academy. Greenock Technical College and Royal Technical College, Glasgow. Apprenticeship with Greenock Corporation electricaland with John G. Passed through the various sections of the Greenock Corporation Electricity Department, and latterly became Superintendent of the Installation and Motor Department and Showrooms of that undertaking; assisted with the preparation of plans and specifications for the large electric power station laid down by the Greenock Corporation for supplies to local shipyards and james clephane yacht works; Chief Assistant Electrical Engineer to the Greenock Corporation, Now Engineer and Manager of the Paisley Corporation Electricity Department.

Various contributions to technical press on electrical engineering subjects. SMITH, William BoultonB. Pupil to Major F. Maison Dieu House, Dover. SMITH, William Charles CliffordO. Trained under the late J. Dudley Lodge, Wallington, Surrey. SMITH, Sir William E. SMITH, William HannefordM. Publisher and Author of various Eng. In charge of the work of the Royal Aircraft Establishment which includes the testing of experimental aeroplanes, aero-engines, kite balloons, air screws.

SMOUT, Arthur John GriffithsM. Trained, and then Metallurgist. Amalgamated Works, owned by Elliott's Metal Co. Copper; Member of Brass and Copper Castings Ctee. SMYTH, Christopher HughM. Marylebone, Town Hall, Gloucester Place, W. SNEDDON, James BalfourM. Member of CouncilOakbank, Mid Calder, Midlothian. SNELL, Albion ThomasM. Suffolk House, Cannon Street, E. SNELL, Sir John Francis CievertonKt. Wey Barton, Byfleet, Surrey; 8, Queen Anne's Gate, S.

Rugby School and Central Technical College of City and Guilds of London Institute. Three years' pupilage under Sir William Matthews, K. Assistant Engineer on Tanjong Pagar Lagoon Dock and Keppel Harbour Graving Dock, Singapore, from to outbreak of war. SNODGRASS, Donald GardnerM. Municipal Technical School, King's Lynn; Norfolk County Scholar twice ; University of Liverpool; Graduated Bachelor of Engineering jameses clephane yacht, Master of Engineering, Igo9, Draughtsman and Experimental Engineer, D.

SNOWBALL, BartholomewB. Corlett consulting engineerMidland Bank Chambers, Wigan. Harrogate College and Durham University. Now Electrical Engineer, G. Corlett, consulting engineer, Midland Bank Chambers, Wigan. Forces, Royal Engineers; Assistant to Electrical Engineer, War Office Peat Fuel Factory, Dumfries, SOLOMON, MauriceElec.

Manager, General Electric Co. Birmingham, ; Director, General Electric Co. Federation Offices, 88, Kingsway, London, W. High School of Dundee and University of St. Apprenticeship james clephane yacht Sir Jas. With electricity departments of Perth and Ayr; Superintendent Engineer, Paisley District Tramways.

Now Chief Assistant, Ayr Corporation Tramways. SOPWITH, Thomas Octave MurdochC. Formed Sopwith Aviation Co. Carlton, Royal Aero, Royal Automobile, Brooklands Automobile Racing.

Horsley Towers, East Horsley, Surrey. SOUTHWELL, Richard VynneM. Tripos Part I; xst Class Mech. Tripos, ; John Winbolt Prize and Fellowship at Trinity Coll. Practical Training at Vickers, Ltd. Transport ; in charge of Non-Rigid Airship, Design Office, R. Airship Station, Kingsnorth, ; in charge of Aerodynamic and Structural Research at the Royal Aircraft Estab. Various papers in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Soc. SOWTER, William John UnwinM.

Margate College and Finsbury Technical College. Served james clephane yacht with Ferranti, Ltd. Has since americas cup yacht racing tv schedule the position of Chief Electrical Engineer to the Bray Urban District Council.

Chairman, Irish Section, Institution of Electrical Engineers, Entirely reconstructed the Bray undertaking, substituting Diesel oil engines for the former steam generating plant.

Has also acted as Consulting Engineer to the Lame and Enniscorthy Urban District Councils, and to the Cahirciveen Electricity Supply Co. London University College School, Army jameses clephane yacht, and French tutors, Dieppe. Pupil sea ray 540 cockpit motor yacht William Dean, Chief Locomotive Superintendent at Swindon, Great Western Railway.

Entered into partnership with Joseph Crookes as Mechanical and Electrical Engineers; Engineer to the Notting Hill Electric Lighting Co. Member of Union and Sports Clubs. Three years at Finsbury Technical College; also Evening Classes, one year smooth operator yacht interior King's College, and one year at University College.

Author of paper read before Students' Section of Institution of Civil Engineers, " Applications of Electricity in Printing Works "; also of james clephane yacht read before Dublin Section of Institution of Electrical Engineers, " Small Electricity Supply Undertakings "; contributed articles to sundry technical journals. SPARK, James WalterM. A " Sparkesque, London. SPEAK, Savannah JohnsonA.

Engaged on Mines in the Transvaal, Australia, German S. Africa, Celebes, Korea, Brit. Columbia, Sumatra, Siberia, Argentine, N. Tower View, 61, Derby Street, Ormskirk. SPEIR, Kenneth Robert NapierMechanical and Electrical Engineer, Manager's Office, Midland Railway, Fenchurch Street Terminus, London, E.

Speir of Culdees, N. Hadley and Pembroke Colleges, Cambridge. General Secretary, Egyptian Government Railways, ; Assistant to General Superintendent, Midland Railway, ; Superintendent of Operation, Midland Railway, 9. Now General Superintendent's Operating Assistant, London and Tilbury Section, Midland Railway. Member of Boodle's Club, St.

Twice mentioned in Dispatches. South African War, I, Queen's Medal james clephane yacht four clasps. SPENCE, William GeddesM. Fordyce Academy, Fordyce, and Glasgow University. Southwick Engine Works, Sunderland. SPENCER, GeorgeM. SPENCER, Sir Thomas Harris yacht party chicago booze cruise, K.

Carriage and Wagon Co. Bronze Medal and Prize, Gas Manufacture, and 1st Class Mech. Stephen's, Westminster; Conservatives, Union, Birmingham; Engineers', Manchester. Summerfield Court, West Bromwich. SPENCER-PHILLIPS, Reginald JohnA. Charterhouse School, City and Guilds Institute.

Served time with Brush Electrical Engineering Co. Continued some time with Brush Electrical; Engineering Co. SPENCE-THOMAS, HubertJ. Co-inventor of Machinery for use in the Tinplate Works. Some Recent Developments," " The Tinplate Trade: Standardization of Plant," jointly james clephane yacht Fred. Taylor; Papers read before South Wales Inst. Reform, Royal Automobile, Swansea an I Cost of moorings yacht ownership, Cardiff an 1 County.

Address Melingriffith Works, Whitchurch, near Cardiff. SPERRING, Bertram FordM. Portsmouth and District Eng. Foundrymen, being one of the james clephane yacht 20 members who started the Assoc. Club The Rotary, Portsmouth. Address Albion Foundry and Iron Works, Portsmouth. Inspector, Home Office; m. Clifton College and King's College, Cambridge Hon.

Member of Leander Club and. One of the jameses clephane yacht and Secretary and Editor to the Faraday Society. Organized the and Exhibitions of British Scientific Products for the British Science Guild. Secretary of the Institute of Physics. Has published researches on standard cells and on contact electricity. Member of the London University Club. SPITTLE, ArthurM. Dudley Higher Grade Sch. Manager, to james clephane yacht. SPITTLE, George Herbertlate Major R.

Smith, electrical james clephane yacht, Great Western Railway. Member of the Thames Rowing Club. SPLITTER, BernardA. The Polytechnic Secondary School, Regent Street; The Birkbeck College; The Polytechnic School of Engineering; The City francesco paszkowski yacht design Guilds Technical College, Finsbury; The Imperial College of Science and Technology, South Kensington.

SPOONER, Henry JohnM. Astronomique de France, Consulting Engineer Power, Plant and General5, St. George's Terrace, Regent's Park, N. Spooner, contractor's james clephane yacht m.

Greenhill of Hampstead and Blean Woods, Kent. The Royal School of Mines, and as a Mechanical and Civil Engineer, Manager of Engineering Works, Designer.

Principal Lecturer in Mechanical Science at the Polytechnic, Regent Street, W. Knight Commander of Royal Order of St. Sava, Serbia, ; Officier of Royal Order of Redeemer, Greece, Engaged on experimental work in the use of very high-pressure steam, patented and experimented with a regenerative engine combined gas and steam ; tested and reported on Tatham's motor yacht top five of water-jet marine propulsion, the first application of a gas pump, and experimented on water meters.

Paper on " Fatigue due to Noise, and Methods of Elimination," read before the Amer. Member of the Royal Societies Club. Technical Adviser to the King George Hospital and to the Union of South Africa Military Hospital, Richmond Park; Chadwick Public Lecturer, Gretna Munition Works, November, ; superintended the training of men and women in industrial war work, also the manufacture of a variety of things for the Ministry of Munitions, in the workshops of the Sea owl yacht georgetown School of Engineering, Regent Yacht sea grille bradenton, W.

Sir Francis Joseph EdwardK. Madras Legislative Council, M. South Indian Motor Union. SPURR, Gilbert RichardA. SPYER, ArthurM. Marine and Mechanical Engineer, 30, Farringdon Street, London, E.

University College School, London; Earle's Shipbuilding Co. II—Engaged in the Engineering Department of the Admiralty, motor yacht kogo crew Chief Draughtsman, Assistant Engineer, and Engineer-Inspector to the Board of Admiralty. Service, engaged in carrying out the great reconstructions of naval machinery which occurred during this period, viz.

SQUIRES, Ernest Edward WilliamC. STAMER, Arthur CowieC. Sir Lovelace Stamer, Bart. Commenced with North Eastern Railway Co. Member of Automobile Club and Yorkshire Club, York.

STANCOMBE, Thomas ReginaldA. Articled pupil to Borough Engineer and Surveyor, Plymouth; Architecture, Plymouth School of Art; Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Plymouth 3' Technical College. Since r9r3—Senior Power Engineer, Sales Department, Bristol Corporation Electricity Department. Inspector of Ordnance Machinery, third class; pro. Twice mentioned in Dispatches, viz. STANFIELD, RichardM.

Manchester Grammar School and Nahlin yacht interior School of Mines, London.

Apprenticeship as Mechanical Engineer with J. Obtained Senior Whitworth Scholarship inalso National Science Scholarship in ; Associateship of the Royal School of Mines inwith distinction in Metallurgy; appointed to Chair of Engineering, Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh, in ; Consulting Engineer to the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland; Secretary to the Royal Scottish Society of Arts.

Carried out trials of agricultural tractors and other types of agricultural machinery. Member of the Royal Scottish Automobile and Scottish Arts Clubs.

Board of Management, South-East of Scotland leight star yacht owner howard Member of Officers' University and Technical Training Committee for Scotland, in connection with theMinistry of Labour. STANIAR, Henry DrummondCapt. Annes, and Manchester Sch.

Installation of Pumping and Elec. Plant for Manchester Corpn. Work and Steel Works for Gunachel and Rows. Workshops and Aerial Bomb Testing at Royal Arsenal,and later on Tech. Staff of Controller of Armament Production, Admiralty. Clubs Engineers', Manchester; Royal Societies, etc. UxbridgeExtension STANLEY, Charles DouglasA. Helens and District Tramways Co. STANLEY, George HardyA.

Polytechnic Silver Medal and Bessemer Medal, R. Numerous Papers in Transactions of Tech. University College, BoxJohannesburg. STANLEY, RupertB. Fellow of the Institute of Radio Engineers. Had james clephane yacht consulting practice in Belfast and its vicinity; was Consulting Electrical Engineer to the Belfast Asylums Board, and as such was responsible for all the electrical equipment in their new Villa Colony Asylum; specialized in electric drives for arsenal do alfeite yacht machinery; also in wireless telegraphy.

Author of a " Textbook of Wireless Telegraphy," which is one of the standard works in England, United States and Australia; has lately re-written this book in two volumes, which deal with all the modern developments in radio-telegraphy and radio-telephony. Became Chief Wireless Instructor, British Expeditionary Force, France, in Mentioned in Dispatches and made Chevalier of the Legion of Honour for wireless liaison work with the French Service.

Various private schools; Gold Medallist and Scholarship holder. After serving at sea as Marine Engineer, specialized in electrical engineering at Crompton's Works, Chelmsford, and King's College, Strand. Engagements chiefly abroad, notably in India, as Chief Engineer to the Dacca Electric Light Trust, and with the Mogambo yacht interior Electric Supply Corporation, of 2, Broad Street Place, E.

Various contributions to technical press. Member of the Royal Air Force Club. Voluntary work in reporting on and placing of contracts for the Metropolitan Munitions Committee, London. Researches on Alloys for Alloys Research Ctee. Its Construction, Operation and Uses " McGran Hill Co. McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Lecturer in Physics and Elec. Research Fellow and later Lecturer in Physics, Victoria University, Manchester, Shasta, Shaftesbury Avenue, Southampton.

Caterham High School, Surrey. Author of " Erosion of the Coast and its Prevention. Lucia, Hampton Road, Teddington. Late Senior Lecturer in Engineering, University College, Liverpool; late Professor of Engineering, University College, Bristol; now Superintendent of Engineering Department, National Physical Laboratory. Papers to scientific societies on " The Strength and Fatigue Properties of Materials," " Heat Transmission," and the " Motion of Fluids. Clifton College and Royal Indian Engineering College, -Coopers Hill.

Railway Engineer, Indian State Railways, passing through all grades up to Superintending Engineer, employed chiefly on construction 'of new railways and especially large bridge works. Latterly held post of Engineer-in-Chief. Construction Eastern Bengal Railway. Broad gauge bridge over the Ganges at Cawnpore; regirdering broad gauge bridge over the Ganges at Rajghat, 33 spans of 90 feet; preparing project for double-line bridge over the Hoogly at Calcutta, etc. STAPLES, Sydney FrancisNaval Architect Floating Docksii, Victoria Street, S.

Clifton College and Royal Indian Engineering College, Sea owl yacht georgetown Hill. Articled to James Mansergh. Responsible for design and construction of eighty-one floating docks for naval and mercantile vessels of all sizes. STARKEY, William HenryA. Stortford and Faraday House. Yacht builders portland oregon, George HenryEng.

Starr, late Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers, m. Kathleen Mary Prescott, Hurstpierpoint College, ; City and Guilds Engineering College, Finsbury, Prince of Wales to Quebec when that ship on the return journey lowered all existing Atlantic records by maintaining an average speed of Served in Ordnance Department, Admiralty, STATTER, John GriceAssoc.

Queen Anne's Chambers, Westminster, S. STEAD, WilliamM. Design, Introduction and Manufacture of the Vertical Tandem Gas Engine, as made firstly by the Westinghouse Co. Duchy Chambers, 4, Clarence Street, Manchester. STEELE, Louis JohnM. University College School; Finsbury Technical College and took first place in final qualifying examination.

For 2 years Chief Electrician to Veritys, Ltd. Since Electrical Engineer at Portsmouth Dockyard, a newly-created post. First Electrical Engineer to be appointed in the service of the Admiralty. Copatentee for improvements in electrical welding, apparatus for the detection and measurement of inflammable gases and vapours, and patentee for improvements in searchlight shutters, etc.

Technical contribution to the Society of Chemical Industry, Institution of Electrical Engineers and the technical press. Member of the Alpine Club. Allan Glen's School and The Royal Technical College, Glasgow. Completed full courses both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. SinceAdmiralty Engineer, H. STENHOUSE, ThomasB. Mark's School, Winden, Sussex, Sherborne, and Central Institute, South Kensington. Premium apprentice, South Eastern Railway Works, Ashford, Kent, under late James Stirling.

Introduced superheating on locomotives to England. Has given close attention and study to the application of highly superheated steam to locomotives. Mentioned for special services at home, Appointed an Officer Order of British Empire, STENT, Dudley HepburnCivil Engineer, Civil Lines, Delhi, India. December 6,Doris Majorie, only d.

King's College School and Crystal Palace School of Engineering. Specialist in reinforced concrete. Member of the Yacht Club, Bombay; Delhi Club, etc. STEPHEN, Frederic JohnM. Albany Academy and University, Glasgow. Western, Glasgow; Constitutional, London.

The Southern Mahratta Railway;: Medallist, Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Soc. Several years in the Far East and India as Mine Manager; Prospecting and Exploring in the Himalayas, near the border of Nepal and Tibet, discovered a large mineralize area; quoted as an Authority on Ancient Cornish Min. About 5o papers in Scientific Publs.: Districts of Cornwall," " Notes on the Roskear Min.

Mawes Castle," Antiquarian, ; " Admiral Sir Richard Spry, and his Times," Antiquarian, Reskadinnick House, near Camborne. Stephens, Art Critic of the " Athenaeum," Member of Preraphaelite Brotherhood, etc. University College School, Vitre and Karlsruhe; University College, London, Locomotive Department Metropolitan Railway, Neasden, and Civil Engineering pupilage.

Specialized in railway construction and canal work; laid out several hundred miles of light railways; reconstructed several lines as light railways. Member of the Reform, National Sporting, Royal Temple Yacht, Royal Automobile and Royal Aero Clubs. STEPHENS, William RobertM. Surveyor, since January,as above. STERN, Teodore HenryB.

Stern, of Brampton, Norfolk, England; m. Elizabeth Mary Campbell, d. Norwich, and Birmingham University. Assistant Engineer, Midland Railway, from until outbreak of war; on demobilization was appointed Assistant Director of Works, Irrigation Service, Ministry of Public Works, Egypt.

STEVEN, James DunlopM. STEVENS, Clement HenryC. Royal Societies, Royal Automobile. STEVENS, HarryM. Works; designed and produced a number of Automatic and Semi-Automatic Screw-making Tools. In the early days of Motoring studied Internal Combustion Engine Design, as applied to Motor Cars, Motor Cycles; designed, built and rode one of the first Motor Cycles seen in the Midlands; later on, formed a Co.

Has read papers before the Local Centre of the Inst. STEVENS, William GeoffreyB. Leys School, Cambridge; Downing College, Cambridge Mechanical Sciences Tripos. SinceEngineer and Assistant Manager at Fleetwood Salt Works United Alkali Co. STEVENSON, AllanM. The firm act as Consultants to a great many Coal and Iron Masters in Scotland and England, their special work being Mining Electrical Engineering, High-Tension Transmission and Hydro-Electric Power Work.

STEVENSON, David AlanB. Engineer to the Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses; senior partner, D. Stevenson, engineers to the Clyde Lighthouses Trustees and consulting engineers for clipper yacht race cape town harbour and river authorities both at home and abroad; engaged in river, harbour, dock, sewerage and water schemes as consulting engineers.

STEVENSON, Graham Morton M. Personally responsible for the first Electrically-driven Tin-plate Mill in Gt. Britain, erected at Redbrook Tin-plate Works, near Newport, Mon. STEWART, Alexander ForresterM. Eastern Lines Canadian National Rlys.

Member of CouncilM. STEWART, AndrewM. Abbotsford Public Second hand yacht sails uk and Royal Glasgow Technical College. Gold Medallist in Engineering and Science. Later Manager and Engineer, The County of Durham Electrical Power Distribution Co.

At present Director and General Sales Manager, The Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Co. Paper read to Institution yacht design engineer jobs Electrical Engineers on " Line and Sub-station Equipment. Stephen's, Royal Automobile yacht and boat supplies Royal Motor Yacht.

Formerly Assistant Electrical Engineer, Rochdale. Now Borough Electrical Engineer and Tramways Manager, Rawtenstall. STEWART, David MitchellI. Blantyre Park, Blantyre, Lanarkshire. STEWART, Henry Joseph FlemingA. Salisbury, Dartmouth and Newton Abbott Electricity Works, etc.

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